Cardi B Showed Constance Wu How to Lap Dance for ‘Hustlers’

  • Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez just shared some new intel about their movie Hustlers, talking about how difficult it was to learn the dances.
  • Constance shared that costar (and former stripper) Cardi B had to teach her how to give a lap dance!

    I hope you all have your calendars marked for September 13, cause that’s when the sure to be a masterpiece of a movie Hustlers is set to be released. ICYMI (and who are you?) the film stars Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Stiles, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart, Lizzo, and Cardi B, and it’s all about a group of strippers who start drugging and robbing their clients.

    The actresses had to learn to dance like strippers for the film, and JLo told Entertainment Weekly that pole dancing was “one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done.” It also sounds like Constance might’ve had a tough time getting the hang of lap dancing, cause Cardi B had to step in—well, on film at least! Constance says,”[We filmed] a scene where she’s teaching me how to give a lap dance…She’s like, ‘Show me what you’ve got!’ So I try. She’s like, ‘Honey, no! This is terrible!'” And Cardi B is an ex-stripper, so she probably knew what she was talking about!

    Sadly, for those who are excited to see Cardi B make her acting debut in Hustlers, it looks like her role will be super small. Her costar Madeline Brewer told Cosmopolitan that Cardi only did one day of shooting for the movie, meaning that she likely doesn’t have a ton of screen time. However, it looks like her role is super fun:

    And if it makes you feel any better, Lizzo will be playing her flute in the movie, so there is still a LOT to look forward to here!

Ariana Grande Pays for Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s Meal

  • Katy Perry just revealed that Ariana Grade adorably paid for her and Orlando’s family dinner the other night after they ran into each other at a restaurant.
  • Apparently, Orlando has “mad respect” for Ari now, lol.

    Hello, friends! Idk what you’re looking for on the internet today, but if it’s proof that Ariana Grade is actually as nice and adorable as she seems, you’ve come to the right place!

    Yesterday Katy Perry was doing an interview on the Ellen K Morning Show, and she managed to sneak in an anecdote about recently running into Ari at a restaurant and Ari surprising her by paying for her meal. Katy told the whole story, saying:

    I’m sure I can share this…two weeks ago I was at sushi, and I ran into Ariana Grande…at the end of my long meal with Orlando and his son, we finished after an hour and a half, and we asked for the check, and they’re like, ‘Ariana Grande has taken care of it.’ And we’re like, ‘oh my god, that’s so cool!’ And Orlando’s son is 8, so I think he was like, ‘dope.’…I told all of my friends! That’s such a boss move, and it’s such a cute gesture. And Orlando was like, ‘man, I have such mad respect for her.’ She was so kind. I love little things like that.

    Aw, how sweet is that?! FYI, Katy and Ariana have been friends for a while, so it’s not like this gesture was totally out of nowhere. For proof, please see these hilarious photos of the singers from back in 2013:

    MTV EMA's 2013 - Backstage

    Kevin MazurGetty Images

    MTV EMA's 2013 - Backstage

    Kevin MazurGetty Images

    So now, uh, how can I get Ariana to pay for my stuff if I see her in public??

The True Story Behind the Atlanta Child Murders in ‘Mindhunter’

Welp, I think we can all agree that Mindhunter’s second season was disturbing per usual! Aside from the typical rag-tag group of serial killers (hi, Charles Manson), the show introduced us to the horribly-named and absolutely devastating Atlanta Child Murders—a series of killings that shocked the nation between 1979 and 1981. This murder spree resulted in the deaths of at least 28 children, and led to a ton of controversy about who really committed the crimes.

Note: Before we get into it, please keep in mind that this article contains some disturbing details about acts of violence against children. Proceed with caution.

First, Some Background on the Atlanta Child Murders

Honestly, not gonna get into too much detail here because we’re talking about children. But the infamous murder spree started in 1979, when two 14-year-old boys disappeared (and were tragically later found dead) just days apart. The next few years saw the disappearance and death of a string of victims—mostly young African-American boys—who lived in the same general area of Atlanta.

Protest In Atlanta

BettmannGetty Images

“Every day, every night, it seemed like they were finding bodies,” Sheila Baltazar (whose 12-year-old stepson Patrick Baltazar was killed) told The New York Times. “The city was turned upside down. There was this big dark cloud over us. And we were just trying to hold on to our babies.”

So, Who Committed the Atlanta Child Murders?

It remains unclear. But the murders were attributed to Atlanta native Wayne Williams, who was convicted of murdering two adults in 1981. The killings stopped after Williams’ arrest, but he has steadfastly maintained his innocence.

Atlanta Child Murders

BettmannGetty Images

Here’s what we know: Williams was found near the scene of a suspected body dump, police found gloves and a nylon cord in the passenger’s seat of his car, he failed polygraph tests, and on top of all that, fibers matching those in his home were found on several victims. Which, yeah sure, all sounds pretty incriminating. But the thing is…

The KKK May Have Been Involved

According to an investigative piece by Spin in 1986, officials covered up evidence to avoid a race war, using Williams as a scapegoat. Apparently, a white supremacist named Charles T. Sanders was an early suspect in the Atlanta Child Murders, and one of his former friends anonymously claimed that he’d taken credit for committing the murders.

Flash-forward to now, and many parents of the children killed still don’t believe it was Williams, and are still searching for answers. “It seems like the Atlanta missing and murdered children have, have been forgotten in this city. They have been forgotten. And I don’t know why,” Catherine Leach (whose son Curtis was murdered at just 13) recently told CNN. She added that Williams was a “scapegoat,” and that “[the police] had to do something for us, to cool this place down to … pacify the parents.”

On the flip side, some families of the victims remain convinced Williams is the culprit. Isaac Rogers (whose 16-year-old brother was killed in 1980) said he had a near-run in with a man he claims was Williams, saying Williams blocked him as he was trying to leave a neighbor’s house. “The only thing I could do was to turn back around, which is what I did,” he said. “I went back and I started to beat on Mrs. Willie Mae’s door to get her to open the door.”

Either Way, Police Are Reopening the Atlanta Case

On March 21, 2019, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields announced that officials would re-test evidence from the murders, meaning that Williams could be exonerated.

“I am not judging the officers. I am saying with Wayne Williams being convicted, it allowed all these boxes to be sealed, even if there was nothing in them that tied the victim to Wayne Williams,” Shields told The New York Times. “I think the investigators were under such political pressure that they were not allowed to do their jobs to the extent they could. We will see different patterns, but I don’t know that it will lead to an arrest. We are going make some headway, but I am not sure how much.”

In other words, the police attributed dozens of murders to a man who *may* not have committed them, and they’re finally doing something about it. Watch a reading of Williams’ reaction to the news below:

Harkirat/Harki Dhillon — Calgary – The Dirty

THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl I tell you has been with so many guys in Calgary. No one wanted to be with her. Now that she is dating that fudu manjit phagura she thinks she’s all that. He’s not even a jatt she’s disgracing her family by bringing home someone not even from her own caste. She is so desperate because she knows she won’t get another guy that she rushed into this rokh. Be careful man you may catch something like an DRD. She also talked to my bf when she knew he was seeing me. Her bf is still talking to several girls. These two have the biggest issues yet still think they’re all that when they clearly have nothing. Show off know it all b1tch you saw this coming stop like look at her face in this pic shows you everything. Get a reality check you’re nothing special and karma will get you.

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Tyler C. Lunch Date with Violet Benson Before Hannah B. Hookup

  • Tyler Cameron went on a lunch date with an Instagram influencer right before his drinks date with Hannah B.
  • Reminder: Days after his date with Hannah, Tyler was seen hanging out with Gigi Hadid.

    I totally get that Bachelor producers haven’t picked their next leading man yet, but it looks like Tyler Cameron is already doing his very own mini version of the Bachelor without any help from ABC. First he was seen on a date with Hannah Brown after she asked him out on After the Final Rose, a few days later he was seen with Gigi Hadid (with whom he’s currently on vacation in upstate New York), and now it’s coming out that he also went to lunch with Instagram influencer Violet Benson, otherwise known as @daddyissues_.

    While being interviewed on the podcast Sex with Emily earlier this week, Violet talked about her lunch date with Tyler that went down the morning of his date with Hannah (yes, the one where he was seen leaving her apartment the next morning). Apparently, Tyler and Violet were “vibing,” and she was taken aback to see that he went on a date with Hannah B hours later. She said:

    I didn’t freak out on him because he hooked up with Hannah…I was confused, I felt like he was dishonest with me. I felt weirded out because I didn’t want then if they have a thing—because my whole brand is so pro-women—I wanted them then to be able to explore it without me in any type of mix. I didn’t want to be in that situation. So I was like I saw you in the tabloids with Hannah, and that makes me really uncomfortable. I don’t feel like you were honest, so I’m just going to go ahead remove myself from that situation, I don’t want to be involved in this. And then literally the next day, he’s in New York and the tabloids come out that he’s with Gigi. When I saw that, I was like, ‘Oh, then I overreacted.’

    She also added, “Clearly, I think Tyler is trying to shoot his shot with people that he’s a fan of that he could now get the chance to hang out with.”

    However, Us Weekly reports that after the recording, Violet said that her lunch with Tyler actually wasn’t a date, posting, “Glad Tyler and I got to have lunch, AS FRIENDS. Sorry I have no more tea!!!! He’s a great dude, nice friend and I wish him the best!!”

    Uh, sure. But also: Tyler, WYD??

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Mike Johnson Responds to Instagram Troll

  • Mike Johnson just responded to an Instagram follower who said that he’s “not into women of color.”
  • Mike seemed upset by the statement, calling it “ignorant.”

    There have only been four episodes of Bachelor in Paradise so far, and even though they’re packed with drama/Stagecoach regrets, there is still even more drama happening off-screen: Blake Horstmann released his private texts with Caelynn Miller-Keyes in an attempt to defend his character (spoiler: it didn’t work), Demi Burnett and BiP alum Tanner Tolbert got into a massive Twitter fight, and now Mike Johnson is out here clapping back at fans on Instagram.

    Mike, as you might know, is one of the most beloved men in Bachelor Nation, and he’s even being considered as the next Bachelor. And even though he comes across as a super sweet and positive guy, it looks like he’s not afraid to call out trolls on Instagram. A couple of days ago, Mike posted some adorable pictures smiling and goofing off, writing, “I learned that smiling and laughing burns calories! Its science people!!”

    Super cute, right? Well, one follower decided that this Instagram was the right place to call out Mike for his BiP choices, writing, “WHY DIDN’T YOU PICK TAYSHIA????” (Supposedly referring to the fact that Mike chose Caelynn for his first one-on-one date on BiP). Another follower replied to the comment, writing, “He clearly is not into women of color!?” and it looks like Mike was NOT happy with that. He replied, “you dont know me so I’m not going to scold you but I do know I dont like you with this ignorant ass statement. I love women of color 💯.”



    Woof! Don’t come for Mike on Instagram, people!

Edmund Kemper’s True Story from ‘Mindhunter’ Season 2

In the event that watching Mindhunter has propelled you into a serial-killer Google spiral, it’s cool. It’s not like you’re ever sleeping again, anyway! And that’s largely because Jonathan Groff’s dreamy face has introduced us to all the colors of the murder-y rainbow, including good ol’ Edmund Kemper.

When Holden and Tench visit Kemper to get insight into the mind of a murderer, he proves himself to be creepily amenable. And if you watch the interviews with the man himself below, you’ll see that play out IRL. But don’t be fooled: Kemper’s crimes are vast and completely awful. Buckle up.

Note: This article contains disturbing details about Kemper’s criminal history, including descriptions of violence against women. Proceed with caution.

His Childhood Was…Rough

Kemper was born in California, and began exhibiting concerning behavior at a young age. Take, for instance, the way he treated animals. He buried his pet cat alive, only to exhume it and mount its head on a spike. He also did really weird sh*t to his sister’s collection of dolls (like, uh, removing their heads and extremities) which was—unfortunately—a sign of things to come.

On top of that mess, Kemper’s childhood games weren’t at all normal. He played “Electric Chair” and “Gas Chamber” while everyone else was playing tag and Red Rover. Sure, kids can have super active imaginations, but yikes. It’s pretty clear why Kemper was such an interesting study for criminal psychologists like John E. Douglas, aka the real-life Holden Ford!

Unfortunately, Kemper was abused by his mother, Clarnell, who raised him alone after she divorced his dad. Not only did Clarnell force her son to sleep in a locked basement, but she demeaned him constantly, which couldn’t have done great things for his emotional development.

Not shockingly, Kemper ran away to live with his dad when he was a teen, but ended up being sent to live at his grandparents’ house. And that’s when things took a real turn.

He Murdered His Grandparents

When Kemper was 15, he got into an argument with his grandma, grabbed a rifle, and shot her to death. He then shot his grandfather. Because Kemper was a literal child, he didn’t know what to do in this situation and called his mom, who told him to call the police. Kemper later explained his behavior by saying he “just wanted to see what it felt like to kill Grandma,” which is a truly c-h-i-l-l-i-n-g admission. Kemper was soon diagnosed as a criminally insane paranoid schizophrenic, and was imprisoned in a hospital.

Edmund Kemper

BettmannGetty Images

Around this time, Kemper took an IQ test and scored quite high. He was released from the hospital on his 21st birthday, which, yes, turned out to be a terrible idea.

The Reason Ed Kemper Is Called “the Co-Ed Killer”

Kemper began experiencing homicidal urges while picking up women hitchhikers, and ended up going on a “murder spree” in 1972. The case-by-case details are just too violent to re-hash here, but suffice to say that he picked up female students and killed them. He then took their bodies home, decapitated and dismembered them, and then had sex with their corpses. So. Awful.

As far as the authorities know, Kemper killed five college students and one high school student during this time, often after getting into fights with his mother.

He Murdered His Mom

…and her best friend. Kemper killed Clarnell while she was sleeping, bludgeoning her with a hammer and slitting her throat. Beyond those already horrifying facts, additional details of what he did to her body are just too disturbing to recount, but it was sexual in nature.

After this, Kemper invited Clarnell’s best friend to dinner and then strangled her, spending the night with her body before turning himself into the police. “The original purpose was gone,” he explained when asked why he called the cops. “It wasn’t serving any physical or real or emotional purpose. It was just a pure waste of time … Emotionally, I couldn’t handle it much longer. Toward the end there, I started feeling the folly of the whole damn thing, and at the point of near exhaustion, near collapse, I just said to hell with it and called it all off.”

Note: He asked for the death penalty during his trial.

So, Where Is Kemper Now?

In jail and happy as a clam, apparently. Now 70, he’s waived his right to parole multiple times, is considered a star inmate, and has willingly talked to psychologists like John E. Douglas. In the documentary Murder: No Apparent Motive, he even implied that he wants other potential killers to get help. But obviously, none of this makes up for the fact that he violated and murdered women.

Whitney Port Hasn’t Talked With Lauren Conrad in Over Two Years

Who What Wear Celebrates The Launch of Their Book With Just Fabulous

Michael BucknerGetty Images

  • Whitney Port just revealed that she hasn’t spoken to fellow Hills alum and former friend Lauren Conrad in over two years.
  • Whitney also shared that she has no idea what Lauren thinks about The Hills: New Beginnings reboot.

    I know that there aren’t awards for these types of things, but if there was a prize for ‘best press tour of 2019’ I would like to nominate Whitney Port, cause she has been making waves while doing things to promote The Hills: New Beginnings. Earlier this week she shared that she turned down an opportunity to hook up with Leonardo DiCaprio back in 2009 after texting with him for six months (!!!), and she also recently shared that she’s lost touch with fellow Hills alum and former TV BFF, Lauren Conrad.

    According to Us Weekly, while doing a live taping of her podcast With Whit, Whitney was asked if she’d been in contact with Lauren since the start of The Hills reboot. Whitney’s reply? “We haven’t. We spoke, honestly, the last time right around when our sons were both born…They’re, like, three weeks apart. So we talked around then, but we haven’t chatted since then.” And for the record, both of their sons were born in July 2017, meaning that Whitney and Lauren haven’t spoken for over two years!! Which is super surprising, considering these two are the dynamic duo who gave us iconic Hills moments like this:

    Whitney also shared that she doesn’t know what Lauren thinks about the new version of The Hills, saying, “I’d be curious to know, but I don’t know.”

    And wow, I am very shook by all of this information. Please excuse me while I rewatch the first season of The Hills and attempt to process.

It’s the 20th Anniversary of Mandy Moore’s “Candy,” the Best Karaoke Song

It seems like just yesterday that I was standing in my childhood bedroom and belting out Mandy Moore’s debut single “Candy,” which dropped 20 years ago to this day. It’s arguably one of the best pop songs in history, but somehow it rarely gets the credit it deserves. Especially on karaoke nights.

Maybe it’s because it never made Billboard’s Top 40. Perhaps it’s because Mandy drags it pretty much any chance she gets. (One time, when Howard Stern started playing the song, her body visibly convulsed and she wondered aloud, “What the f*ck does that mean? Seriously? Even as a kid I was like, I don’t know what I’m singing about.”) But with age comes wisdom, and so in honor of “Candy”‘s 20th birthday, I’m here to outline exactly why it’s actually the greatest song you possibly could choose to sing with your friends.

For starters, “Candy” isn’t just one of the defining songs of this generation’s collective childhood, but it’s also a great unifier for people who never agree on what makes a “good song.” Honestly, IDK why it’s not on more “Best Karaoke Songs” lists. Rude and anti-millennial, if you ask me.

Mandy Moore

Time & Life PicturesGetty Images

During my last karaoke night, I was hanging with a group that had extremely polarizing views on what makes a good karaoke song (a common problem). After a night of drastic genre flips, there was a collective sigh of relief and all was made right when “Candy” came on. And aside from side-stepping almost every “karaoke trap” on GQ‘s handy “5 Tips for Not Sucking at Karaoke” guide (we’re talking no awk instrumental breaks and no rapid-fire raps or crazy-high notes that nobody can execute), “Candy” has a lot going for it.

Even if “bubblegum pop” isn’t your cup of tea, if your crew was born at any point in the last 20 to 30 years, they’ve likely heard this song and know the words. It isn’t as predictable of a karaoke choice as “Toxic,” or “I Want It That Way.” And if someone doesn’t know it by heart, they can at least tolerate it for three minutes.

As someone who considers Rebecca Black a significantly better singer than myself, I actually thrive when this song comes on because it relies more on charisma than the vocals. (Half the battle of karaoke is not being so terrible that people have to avoid eye contact with you the whole time.) Plus, “Candy” has a two-part harmony that makes it easy for the group to join in and pretend you’re hitting all the notes like Mandy did even when you’re definitely not.

But most importantly, this song doesn’t ask you to do cheesy moves or bust out some predictable choreography when it comes on. Alligator hands and fist pumps for “Bye, Bye, Bye”? Groundbreaking. Mandy may have called her dancing in the video “abysmal,” but I just see major potential for the non-pop stars out there.

Basically, this song has everything you could want in a pre-millennium bop, and it’s all you need to be the ultimate karaoke queen. And for that, we must bow down on its 20th anniversary.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s Families Breakup Reaction

Elton John AIDS Foundation 26th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party

Daniele VenturelliGetty Images

  • A source just shared that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s families want the couple to “take some time to breathe” before they make any permanent decisions about their relationship.
  • Reminder: A rep for Miley confirmed the split last Saturday, saying, “they have decided this is what’s best while they both focus on themselves and careers.”

    While we were all just minding our own business last weekend and trying to enjoy the remainder of summer, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth went ahead and dropped a bomb on everyone by announcing that they had split after less than a year of marriage.

    The breakup has since gotten kind of messy with photos surfacing of Miley making out with Brody Jenner’s ex-wife Kaitlynn Carter and Miley releasing a song that seemingly calls out Liam’s partying (which was allegedly one of the reasons for their breakup). However, it looks like some people, other than myself, don’t want to see Miley and Liam split up for good—and apparently, those people are their families.

    An insider recently told E!, “Their families have urged them to take some time to breathe before they make any final decisions. They are both upset about how this has blown up and are both hurting right now.”

    And while I’m firmly on team Liley (side note: did we ever come up with a couple name for these two?) and another source previously said that there’s a chance Miley and Liam won’t divorce, it sure doesn’t seem like they’re interested in getting back together. Right after Miley’s rep confirmed the split, Miley posted an Instagram saying “change is inevitable” and talking about respecting her “process.”

    So I guess if anything, it looks like things might still be up in the air for these two.