Juliette Riggio – Fake, Liar, & a Cheater

THE DIRTY ARMY: Where do I start? She comes from a good family so you think everything would be fine, but this individual is the most self centered human being you will ever encounter. She doesn’t care about anyone’s well being but herself. She is extremely fake with her personality and who she is. She acts like she’s better than every female and that means they really don’t want to be her friend. Aside from all that… She cheated on her boyfriend while she was “studying abroad” in Europe with multiple men! She lied about it to his face and told him she was faithful during the whole vacation. She tried to hide it but I let the truth out and let him know how disgusting she truly is. Mommy and Daddy pay for everything for this girl and she will never understand the truth behind working and making a living. She seeks attention from everyone. If you’re looking for a fake Instagram influencer here’s your girl. She expects everything to be handed to her and makes it everyone else’s problem. She gives no cares about anyone feelings. Also, she’s apparently easy to get so fellas have at it! And share it with someone else!


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The Charles Manson Murder House is Up For Sale for $1.98 Million

  • The home where Charles Manson’s cult murdered Leno and Rosemary LaBianca in 1969 is currently up for sale.
  • It’s currently retailing for $1.98 million.

    Amityville Horror. American Horror Story. The Conjuring. What do all three of these stories have common? Aside from being a definitive part of the pop culture and horror landscape, they’re all stories that feature knowingly haunted homes that people end up (a) dying in or (b) nearly die trying to escape from. And yet, people purchase these homes anyway. But who really cares when these homes have grit! appeal! and most importantly, have character! Right??? (I’m being sarcastic.)

    Well now, a new (potentially) haunted home appears to be on the market. The LaBianca house, A.K.A. where Charles Manson’s followers killed owners Leno and Rosemary LaBianca on Manson’s orders—literally the day after they killed Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate in 1969— is currently on sale for a whopping $1.98 million. You know, if you’re into old Hollywood glamour as much as you’re into macabre.

    According to The Washington Post, this two-bedroom, 1.5 bathroom home is currently on the market and has been for two weeks now…coincidentally in time for the premiere of Quentin Tarantino’s newest film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and just shy of the 50 year anniversary of the murders. The last time the property was on the market was in 1998.


    Courtesy of Redfin


    Courtesy of Redfin

    Despite the history, Redfin real estate agent Robert Giambalvo says that interest in the property is pretty solid, which honestly says….a lot. “It’s just such a calm, peaceful, serene environment that I don’t think anybody cares about what happened a long time ago,” Giambalvo told the Los Angeles Times. “The first showings were yesterday, and I already have several people telling me that their clients are preparing to make an offer.” Um, okay?

    For those that are interested in the home, there is full disclosure that the property is the scene of the LaBianca/Manson murders, as well as an advisory to do some research on the property before attending the showing. “We don’t want somebody to go into escrow and find out 10 days, 15 days later that there was the event that happened 50 years ago. And then they don’t want to buy it because of that,” Giambalvo explained. “We just wanted people to make offers with their eyes wide open.”

    So if you have a cool $1.98 million to spend and think the LaBianca house would be a great place to rest your head at night, who am I to stop you? Knock yourself out (and keep your eyes peeled).

Types of Nipples – There Are Two Nipple Shapes

First things first I’m the realest: There is no such thing as a “normal” nipple, Stanley Harper, M.D., a board certified plastic surgeon, explains. “Everyone has slightly different nipples.” To prove it, medical literature has no formal classification of nipple types.

That said, there are some common characteristics that nips tend to have, which Dr. Harper and Michelle Lee, M.D., a board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, break down below. If your headlights happen to fall outside of these 11 descriptions—don’t freak. If you’re healthy and have been checked by a doctor to rule out breast cancer or any other potential concerns, you’ve got nothing to be worried about. You just have unique nipples!

1. Protruding Nipple

This is defined as a nipple that rises above the areola by a few centimeters. Although, the exact amount of protrusion isn’t super clearly defined, and it can vary from person to person, says Dr. Lee. She says she has some patients who ask for filler to make their nipples protrude more, and others who ask for a nipple reduction. Fun fact: while this might be your idea of the “average” nipple, a 2009 study showed that around only 60% of the population has protruding nipples.

2. Bumpy Nipple

It’s totally normal for your nipples to have some bumps around them. These small white bumps are Montgomery’s Glands, and are there to release oils to lubricate your nips when breastfeeding, according to Dr. Harper.

3. Flat Nipple

Exactly what it sounds like — this is a nipple that doesn’t protrude or invert. Neutral (nipple) milk hotel, baby!

4. Hairy Nipple

Aka normal AF nipples. Do note though, that even though we all say “hairy nipples,” this is usually referring to a few or several hairs on the areola, and not the actual nipple itself. “If you have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) or another condition associated with elevated testosterone levels, you may have increased hair,” notes Dr. Harper.

5. Inverted Nipple

There’s really no need to worry if your nipples point inwards. “Most people are born with this type of nipple and outgrow it,” explains Dr. Harper. However, inversion remains in about 10% of women. Dr. Lee adds that the procedure to surgically correct an inverted nipple is easily done under local anesthesia, or even with a nipple piercing.

6. Unilateral Inverted Nipple

This is when only one of your nipples is inverted. If you’ve always had one innie and one outtie, it’s not a big deal. However, if one of your nipples suddenly becomes inverted after being an outtie your whole life, both Drs. Harper and Lee stress that you should see a doctor ASAP, as it can be a sign of breast cancer.

7. Puffy Nipple

A puffy nipple is when both the areola and nipple protrude. This is often seen in pre-teens and teens, according to Dr. Harper.

8. No Nipples

This is a condition called Athelia, and is often found to be a part of Poland Syndrome, Dr. Harper explains. Poland Syndrome affects muscle development and occurs more frequently in men than women, and is estimated to occur once in every 20,000 newborns.

9. Third Nipple

Dr. Lee says that one in 18 people actually have a third nipple, so it’s way less rare than you think. Oftentimes, the nipple is so small, it’s mistaken for a mole.

10. 3D Tattooed Nipples

This is a popular option for women who have undergone a mastectomy, Dr. Lee says. While the surface of the skin stays flat, a tattoo can be drawn to give the illusion of depth and give a 3D effect.

      11. Fake Nipples

      Another option for women who have had a mastectomy: Fake nipples that are made of skin. “You lift up the native breast skin and fold it like a little origami to make a nipple,” explains Dr. Lee. These can also be tattooed into any color, and are so realistic, many women are shocked when they see the final result.

    ‘Bachelorette’ Hannah B’s Toxic Relationship with Luke P.


    Katie BuckleitnerGetty Images

    This season of The Bachelorette has been [*cue Chris Harrison voice*] dramatic. Hannah B. has been given the dreamiest selection of eligible bachelors I’ve ever seen on the franchise. Majority of them are tall, Southern, and could give Abercrombie models a run for their money. But some of these Knights in Shining Navy Suits didn’t even win more than five minutes of airtime with our Bachelorette. Why? Most would blame Hannah B.’s infatuation with Luke P.

    Everyone, from the other contestants to the whole Bachelor Nation, was pissed that Hannah didn’t promptly dismiss the bologna-throwing, slut-shaming villain. We could all see how toxic, manipulative, and narcissist Luke P. was, so why couldn’t Hannah B.?

    Even though Hannah kept Luke around for nine miserable episodes, I didn’t get mad at her. Not once. In fact, I recognized *exactly* what was happening. And if any of you have been in a toxic relationship, you probably did too.

    When I was Hannah’s age, I was obsessed with a guy who was no good. In the beginning, he was charming and we bonded over our quirky senses of humor. I even convinced myself we fell in love at first sight—just like Hannah did with Luke. He called me his “wifey,” and I had never received that kind of attention from a man. I loved it, as Hannah B. did when Luke P. pronounced his love for her in week two.

    Little by little, he isolated me from all my friends who, meanwhile, couldn’t understand why I was putting up with him and his belittling words. Things got even worse when I saw a text from a girl on his phone that read: “can’t tonight I’m on my period.”

    Instead of him apologizing for cheating on me (apparently, it wasn’t “cheating cheating” because she was just going to send him nudes), I found myself apologizing for looking at his phone in the first place. He made the deception about my invasion of his privacy, which in turn made me ignore the bigger picture—and bigger problem—entirely.

    I stayed with him for three more months because he convinced me I couldn’t do any better. I believed him. I felt like I didn’t have other options.

    Now think about Hannah B.’s predicament. She had hand-picked the guys for her season, so could she ever admit to feeling disappointed by her selection? Maybe she was ignoring Luke for who he really was on purpose. Maybe she was worried that she wasn’t going to connect with anyone else in the house.

    “I’m either falling in love with Luke, or Luke is making me go crazy,” Hannah confessed to Chris Harrison. When I was with my toxic boyfriend, I felt like I was losing my mind on the reg. It would take me years to realize that being “crazy in love” is actually just being consumed by an unhealthy relationship.

    “Being ‘crazy in love’ is actually just being consumed by an unhealthy relationship.”

    Luckily for me, I eventually dumped my sh*tty boyfriend after he blew up my phone with degrading messages asking where I was, when he already knew that I was with my friends. At that moment, I finally accepted who he was. I understood he wasn’t going to be someone I could change—no matter how much I wanted him to be.

    After I broke up with him, he wouldn’t leave me alone. He harassed me on social media, texted me incessantly, and got in my face in public. Sounds like Luke, no? How about his un-self-aware, unapologetic shit show on Men Tell All last night?

    I know we’re all happy now that Luke P. is gone, and personally, me and my rosé are rooting for Peter the Pilot. So please, don’t send another shady tweet (I see you!) complaining that it was “weak” of Hannah to tolerate Luke for so long, because as someone who’s been in a toxic relationship before, I think Hannah B. is pretty fucking strong (truly, a beast in the best way) for letting him go.

    I Let Susan Miller Run My Life for a Month

    One week into January, I got laid off. Two days later, I was sued by an actual state after paying my taxes in the wrong one. My in-progress novel—which had been “for real, almost finished” for a couple of years—was still (and possibly forever) in progress. My 10-year-old niece took over my Tinder and got better responses pretending to be me than I got on my own.

    Basically, 2019 was looking very much like a dumpster fire.

    I tried everything to turn it around: meditation, stress ­eating, yoga, swimming, catatonically sitting through three seasons of Prison Break. I was even sleeping with crystals (citrine and malachite, for healing and positive transformation) under my pillow. And…nothing. I was burned out from all the attempted self-improvement. Wasn’t there something—or someone—that could just do it for me? Oh, right: astrology.

    For 30 days, I decided to actually follow my horoscope—not just read it. The universe would be my life coach.

    For help, I reached out to quite possibly the most famous astrologer in the world: Susan Miller of Astrology Zone. Her fans include Emma Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, and Katy Perry. At least 1.3 million readers visit her site every month to pore over her epically detailed horoscopes. Who else would I ask?

    Here’s the thing about Miller’s horoscopes: Sometimes they’re terrifying.

    When I told my friend Katie about this plan over drinks, she put down her wine and slapped my hand: “Stop it,” she said. “You can’t.” Here’s the thing about Miller’s horoscopes: Sometimes they’re terrifying. Like vague-but-ominous-warning-about-a-­parent’s-health terrifying.

    “I can be brave,” I told Katie.

    “You literally cannot be that brave,” she responded.

    Still, I emailed Miller. The first thing she told me is that she’d help. The second is that my premise was all wrong.

    “Astrologers work much further out than a month—we think in terms of many months or years,” she explained in a tone that was glamorously scolding, like a mom reminding you to polish a candelabra. (Fitting for the woman the New York Times describes as a “Chanel-clad Upper East Side mother of two.”) “Six months would make more sense.” Cool, cool—but because I’m not a quitter, I decided to start small and see what happened.

    Some tasks were easier than others: One of my daily horoscopes on Miller’s Astrology Zone app suggested I “focus on rest and retreat”—a direction I followed wholeheartedly and with snacks. Then there was the day that I could expect “a swell of kindness and compassion” from friends, so I preemptively told my closest ones how grateful I was for their help. (This resulted in an actual swell of kindness and compassion—a self-fulfilling prophecy but also a win. Astrology: 1. Whatever the opposite of astrology is: 0.)

    Spoiler: I had my most successful month ever.

    Two weeks in, I learned that I had “energy to focus on finances.” So I set up a payment plan for those overdue taxes and used an app to identify all the autopays I always forget to cancel. Then came what Miller described as a “golden opportunity to fine-tune a business venture,” so I gave my Etsy store, where I sell vintage paintings and housewares, an overdue refresh. (Spoiler: I had my most successful month ever.)

    Miller also offered to interpret my birth chart. The reading was equal parts magic, mind reading, and therapy—so on point that I genuinely forgot she didn’t actually know me.

    According to her, I love my family and travel almost equally—yes, it’s a key conflict of mine (I have been to 70 countries and counting but also always feel the pull toward home.) Had my dad experienced a reversal of fortune? (Yes! Long story.) Did I have any health concerns related to my throat “and that includes your thyroid”? YES. (I know, thyroid issues are common, but this is the dominant medical issue in my life. Just ask my thyroid
    surgeon!) There was also the exciting news that I might marry a man with “an old soul” I’d meet sometime soon.

    One of the final ‘scopes from my 30-day experiment: “You’re coming alive in exciting ways.” In a word: Yes (again!). The month had forced me to tend to all aspects of my life—as in all the themes of the 12 astrological houses, including love, family, and self-care—rather than keep defaulting to work and more work.

    Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone The Year Ahead 2019

    Doing that on the daily is hard though, so now I think more about larger astrological themes and seasons, and I do monthly check-ins to track my personal progress. Oh, and for the record, I did meet someone, several someones, in fact. Nothing gets you out of the house like a famous astrologer saying you’re about to meet your true love.

    My horoscopes promised that if I tried, something good would happen—which can sometimes be easy to forget. Until then, there are always more episodes of Prison Break.

    Taylor Swift’s Song ‘Archer’ Lyrics Explained

    2018 American Music Awards - Red Carpet

    Emma McIntyreGetty Images

    • Taylor Swift just surprised fans by dropping her new song “Archer” from her forthcoming album “Lover.”
    • It’s the fifth song on the album, and Taylor teased that it was an emotional one for her.

      Surprise! Taylor Swift just dropped a song from her new album “Lover.” It’s called “Archer” and there’s no music video for it yet, but the lyrics are here and absolutely need your decoding. Who is it about? What does it mean? Etc., etc.

      Please proceed into this hot mess hodge-podge of theories, easter eggs, and lyric explanations for this new song.

      FYI, here’s the lyric video. Give her a watch/listen before you keep reading.

      First, Taylor said it was an emotional song for her.

      In an Instagram Live she did right before the song dropped, she said that her fans pointed out a while ago that she always makes the fifth song on her albums a really emotional one. For example, “Delicate” was the fifth song on “Reputation.” Since her fans pointed it out, she’s been doing it on purpose, so this song is definitely one that is close to her heart. Good to know. Valuable intel.

      People think it’s related to “Delicate.”

      Backtracking slightly, fans discovered that The Archer is a dive bar in East London. In “Delicate,” Taylor sang about a dive bar on the east side, so naturally, people think the two songs are related somehow.

      This brought people back to the “Delicate” video, where Taylor reads a note in a bar, but the viewers never see the note. People think this might mean they finally get to see what’s on the note.

      And there’s another dive bar tie-in.

      There’s also a dive bar on the east side of NYC called “Lovers of Today.” So she’s really going *in* on this whole dive bar situation.

      Some more “Delicate” proof.

      This woman! Her mind!

      She might have given an easter egg for this months ago.

      Aside from putting the bullseye and the number five in her “You Need To Calm Down” video, it looks like Taylor dropped a hint about this song months ago in an Elle profile.

      “‘An old American Sitcom called ‘Archer,’ is about a spy who has issues with “his friends and colleagues who live to undermine & betray one another.’ Lesson 5 in Elle US is about banishing people who hurt you & cause drama.

      This is the narrative of Track 5, The Archer”

      So is this song about friends who betray one another? HELP.

      She hinted at this in the “ME!” video.

      HELP us one and all. This woman is a mastermind.

      Wait, circling back, what is this song actually about?

      Okay so there seems to be two major competing theories here. First, if “Delicate” was supposedly about Joe Alwyn, and this is a follow-up to “Delicate,” this song should theoretically also be about Joe, right?

      The issue with that is the “banish the drama” theory, and the fact that in the song she talks about how all her enemies started as friends. So is this… about her friends? She also says all her heroes died alone. WHO DIED? So yeah, we’re not quite ready to be conclusive on this one, but we’ll update this post if better theories become available.

    ‘The Hills: New Beginnings’ Episode 5 Recap

    It’s episode five, and you know what that means: The Hills cast—well some of them—take a trip to Vegas to fight, make up, and then talk about it for the next few weeks. In Vegas, Audrina faced off against Stephanie over Justin Bobby. Mischa showed off her shady side. JB…just sat there pretending he’s not playing with the feelings of two women who are really into him.

    Back in Malibu, Brody and Kaitlynn fought the Woolsey fire, Spencer and Heidi got closer to the Wahlers, and Whitney Port probably went to a farmer’s market or something.

    We caught up with Spencer Pratt to get his thoughts on what went down. As always, he had a lot to say.



    On Mischa and Audrina meditating…then facing off on the beach.

    I don’t know why they were trying to meditate without a nice little protection grid of Pratt Daddy Crystals. They needed a lot more than some deep, cleansing yoga breaths to handle all the drama going on in their lives. I could have told them that.

    I should have gifted them some of my crystals at the party, but I was only handing them out to influencers with huge followings. My bad. I would have hit Audrina with a discount code if I’d known what she was up against this episode.

    On Mischa talking shit about Audrina’s best friend for trying to protect her from Justin Bobby.

    It’s great that Mischa cares so much about the sanctity of the crystals party—maybe she’ll get a discount code on season two—but she’s way off-base about Joey.

    Mischa should have addressed Joey at the party instead of running out so fast not even an HD camera could catch her fleeing into the night. If she didn’t think Joey’s behavior was appropriate, she should have politely told her to square up instead of waiting until it was all over. I love her energy on this one, but if she has a problem she needs to speak it, not save it.



    Heidi: Mischa never has anything to say to anyone’s face, but a lot to say in her testimonials. And that’s just not how this works.

    Spencer: I think Audrina thought they were going to edit this entire beach scene out or she would have fought back harder.

    I would love to have a friend like Joey who calls it how she sees it and checks people when they’re being fake. I hope Joey is on the payroll and getting her money, because you need that type of hype-woman when you’re swimming with these piranhas.

    On not being invited to Vegas, even though Kaitlynn claimed he was.

    I was never invited to Vegas. If anyone would like to show up at Pratt Daddy Crystals headquarters with a lie detector test, I’d love to do a livestream. I’m assuming Kaitlynn was in charge of the guest list. Not sure how many guest lists she’s going to be in charge of in the future.

    Let me see a text of the invite. Let me see Brody hitting up my phone and leaving a voicemail. Usually when that type of thing happens, they film it because we’re on this thing called “a reality show.” That would have been a big deal, us putting aside our differences to do shoeys at The Venetian.



    If there was an invite, there should have been a scene. I would have said to Brody, “Really? you want me there? That’s so sweet of you, Brody. Thank you. I won’t be going, but I appreciate the invite.”

    The biggest mystery, though, is why Whitney didn’t get to go to Vegas. I thought she and Kaitlynn were really close friends on Instagram. Maybe she was just at home doing the swipe up for band-aids.

    On why he wouldn’t have gone to Vegas, even if he had been invited:

    If it’s not trap music or Taylor Swift, you’re not going to catch me watching a DJ set in Vegas. And Taylor wasn’t in Vegas that weekend, I checked.

    I also had a charity event to go to. I like to put my Gucci coat on and go get a nice buffet. Vegas isn’t my thing unless I’m getting paid and no one was sending me a check to show up and eat shrimp at Catch.

    I know I said I’d go anywhere for the cameras, but the nearest one was 15 minutes away in Beverly Hills. I don’t need to drive six hours to argue with Stephanie when I could just read The Daily Mail to see what her problem is now.

    I’m glad Mischa got to go, though. I feel like she loves Vegas. That’s probably a given if you Google her.



    On Frankie going off on the Justin, Stephanie, Audrina love triangle.

    Justin Bobby was not liking Frankie telling the truth. It reminded me of one of those 48 Hours where the detective clearly knows who the murderer is, but the serial killer is all, “hey, hey let’s be cool. Don’t be blowing up my spot until I get a few more bodies under my Willy Wonka hat.”

    That’s what the scene reminded me of. Everyone thought Justin Bobby was just going to put on a magic show with his fedoras and eyeliner, but he was really there to kill Audrina’s hopes and dreams. Frankie had his number.



    Why Audrina doesn’t stand up for herself to Stephanie.

    She looks in Stephanie’s eyes and thinks, it’s not worth getting murdered in my sleep.

    She’s looking at her drink thinking, did Stephanie have access to this before I got here, because I’m not trying to wake up in a glass coffin surrounded by the seven dwarves with no memory of the past five years.

    Audrina was outnumbered. I think she realized she was up against Justin, Stephanie and Mischa, when she was there for the free chips, appetizers and sea bass. She didn’t realize she was in enemy territory.



    Audrina is dealing with so much in real life with the lawyers and the TMZ stories that, by the time she got to Vegas, she probably just wanted her cocktail and her hors d’oeuvre. She’s saving her energy for the real problems she’s facing. None of these people are worth her time.

    On Audrina never doing anything shady, but always being blamed:

    Based on what I read on TMZ about Audrina’s life, there’s a lot of bad stuff happening to her and I will never say she’s the one responsible. And then this thing with Justin Bobby comes along and she really believed it was going to be something different, but here she is back in the swamp.

    I would bet that he was really nice to her before they started filming, and that’s the part we’re missing. Even I’m sitting here going, “Audrina’s back with Justin? Are you kidding?” But I wasn’t there when they were at the store trying on eyeliner and laughing together. We’re just not seeing the complete story.



    On Justin claiming that everything between him, Stephanie, and Audrina is fine because “we’re all just friends.”

    I’m just so excited that my sister found somebody that she can click with on a friend level, and that they have whatever they have in common. I think leaving a nightclub with your arm around “your friend” when people are accusing you of being more than friends is a little strange, but I’ve never left a Vegas nightclub with my arms all over a “female companion.” Maybe I just don’t know how friendship works.

    I was just waiting for Justin to speak up with one of his banger lines about truth and honor. He really missed his chance to show he’d changed by saying, “Hey, listen Audrina, Stephanie and I are just friends. We’ve never hooked up. I have no intention of hooking up with her. We get along because Stephanie has a brother and I have a sister and that’s a lot of things in common.”

    Then he should have said, “I have no interest in you as anything more than a friend, Audrina, so we should all just enjoy our lobster and try to have a nice vacation.”



    On Stephanie not having empathy for people affected by the wildfires because it was cutting into her weekend:

    I will give Stephanie credit for being a method reality star, because when the cameras are rolling she only cares about what’s in front of her. She’s clearly very devoted to her role on the show. I don’t know if Stephanie even believed there was a fire—maybe she was just sitting there thinking, why didn’t I think of the fire storyline? and then, How can I make it seem like Spencer and Heidi started the fire?

    Maybe she didn’t understand what was going on because the fire didn’t have a british accent? I’m just so blessed to have a sister who cares so much about others.



    On Brody’s choosing to stay and fight the Woolsey fire instead of leaving the area:

    My advice if we still talked would’ve been to get the F out of there, because his life is way more important than a couple of walls. He should have packed up his valuables, gone to be with Kaitlynn in Hollywood, and prayed for everything to work out.

    I’d say, “Don’t risk your life because you’re not a fireman, you’re not a first-responder. There’s a mandatory evacuation, there are lives at stake. You dying isn’t a good storyline.”

    On his friendship with Jason Wahler.

    I unfollowed him on social media, but I didn’t block him. So, yeah, we’re pretty close.

    Hannah B, Bachelorette Finale – Spoilers, Air Date, News, Trailer

    Hannah B.’s season of The Bachelorette may be coming to an end, but not before a two-part four hour finale (yes, you read that correctly) next Monday and Tuesday. It seems that most of the finale was filmed in Greece sometime in May…but from rumors of ex-girlfriends to cheating scandals and well, more ex-girlfriends, A LOT has happened since then. Here’s everything we know about the finale so far, from the “dramatic” promo to the spoilers.

    The finale will include footage from Greece and live content.

    We’ll be able to watch what happened when they filmed in the spring, but we’ll also see live updates from Hannah, Chris Harrison, and the final three guys.

    The promo looks intense.

    Uh, to quote Hannah directly, “I’m freakin’ out.”

    Hannah’s dad doesn’t seem to love the finalists.

    “I don’t want you to settle for anything,” Hannah’s dad, Robert, tells her after she asks him to share his “concerns” in the promo. Could this mean that daddy Brown isn’t actually into any of the final men? I mean, has he not seen Tyler C.’s abs?! Unclear.


    My god, in what world is this considered settling?!


    Hannah’s mom drops some words of encouragement.

    Hannah’s mom, Susanne, also makes an appearance in the trailer. “I want something that will love you like I know you should be loved,” she says through tears, before giving Hannah a hug. TBH, this moment looks pretty wholesome, but the music in the background is VERY dramatic—so maybe Mama B. will be throwing some shade as well? The woman did call Luke P. an ass in a now-deleted post on Instagram, so anything is possible.

    The final decision is super hard for Hannah.

    The promo is a little thin on actual finalist content—which is a valiant effort from ABC to aim for an air of mystery even though the whole thing has been spoiled already. However, Hannah definitely doesn’t take her decision lightly. Even though she seemed relatively calm about her decision at the start of the “Men Tell All” episode, there are clips of her crying while still wearing the same cut-out navy and neon dress she wore during the rose ceremony Luke P. interrupted. (Side note: that dress was…a choice.)



    There will also be a lot of crying. “This is why you don’t date two people at the same time,” she stresses. Hmm…maybe dating thirty men at the same time was considerably easier? At one point (presumably en route to the final rose ceremony), Hannah even asks to get out of the car, then trips over her dress, and begins crying. TBH, I would also cry if I fell over in front of cameras.

    Warning: Spoilers ahead. ‘Bachelorette’ purists, beware!

    Jed will *finally* address the girlfriend rumors.

    According to a PEOPLE interview with Chris Harrison, Jed will most likely talk about the whole having-a-girlfriend-back-home debacle live on air. “I want to hear Jed’s side of the story. I think a lot of people have spoken, and before we judge—which we’re so quick to do on Twitter—I would like to hear from him,” Chris commented.

    Unsurprisingly, Jed hasn’t really said much on the matter to date, so this will be our first proper time hearing from him. Personally, I am not expecting his version of events to stop me from judging him, but stranger things have happened.



    Hannah will probably break up with the winner in the finale.

    It seems like the finale won’t be the happy ending Hannah was originally hoping for, even though being free from an alleged cheater definitely counts as a win in my books. According to Reality Steve, Hannah broke up with rumored winner Jed after his ex-girlfriend came forward, kicking off those cheating rumors. The breakup was filmed and will apparently be part of episode two.

    With that said, Chris Harrison and Hannah keep telling the press the finale will take some unexpected turns—so there might still be some twists that ABC has SOMEHOW managed to keep locked up. Or, you know, it’s just for publicity.

    Shawn Mendes Got a Butterfly Bicep Tattoo After a Fan’s Suggestion

    • Shawn Mendes has a brand-new tattoo, and it’s a butterfly!!!
    • Apparently, Shawn was so inspired by a fan’s edit of him with the butterfly tattoo that he went out on got it inked on his arm.

      THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Shawn (Bae) Mendes just got a brand-new tattoo on the sacred stretch of skin known as his left bicep, and I’m freaking the f*ck out right now. The tattoo, which is pretty freakin’ big TBH, is of a black monarch butterfly that’s half-wing, half flowers. It’s a really cute work of art, but the story behind is even cuter, if you can believe it.

      On Twitter, a fan posted an edit of Shawn with a butterfly tattoo, suggesting that he should high-key consider getting it inked on his arm. “Shawn Mendes with a butterfly tattoo. I rest my case,” she wrote, attaching two separate images of Shawn in a white tee, butterfly tatt edit on full display in both images. The fan made sure to mention that the actual drawing wasn’t hers in the post thread. The original drawing and design actually belongs to male tattoo artist, Mac Dreaper, who’s located in Santiago, Chile. Too bad the actually guy didn’t get to slap the ink on Shawn’s arm, but the love and respect for his craft was there regardless!

      Shawn, behind himself with the excitement of a new tattoo prospect, actually went out of his way to DM the fan who made the edit. Not the other way around!!! “Can u send me a real photo of butterfly tattoo??” Shawn asked, double the question marks, so he could let this unsuspecting fan know that he was NOT messing around. What’s even more special is that this girl didn’t want Shawn to rush into getting the tatt and have it be permanent. What a caring fan! Prepare to be blessed by their adorable text exchange in 3, 2, 1:

      I honestly don’t know how this girl didn’t die from shock but nevertheless, words were exchanged and Shawn booked the very next appointment to get the ink done. The tattoo was done by Toronto-based tattoo artist, Livia Tsang, who thankfully took tons of photos of the finished result. (Literally, god bless her!) The rest, as they say, is history.

      To the fan who had the idea, the influence, the POWER to actually suggest this Shawn butterfly tattoo become a thing, tell us—how does it feel knowing you’re a living legend???

    Jamie Lynn Spears Is in Talks to Reboot ‘Zoey 101’ With Nick

    • Jaimie Lynn Spears is in talks to reboot Zoey 101.
    • The show ended after Jamie got pregnant with her first child at 16-years-old.

      It feels like a lifetime since Nickelodeon called it quits on Zoey 101 after Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant at 16 years old, but in true 2019 fashion, it looks like the popular tween show is getting a reboot to go along with the 281461 others out there right now.

      TMZ’s sources said the network and Jamie, 28, have been talking about reviving our childhood and taking us back to the prettiest fictional boarding school on the network: Pacific Coast Academy. (But if you want to go IRL, you could just head down to Pepperdine University in Malibu, where the show was actually filmed.)

      These anon sources also added that Jaime will definitely be back as Zoey, but there will be “some major changes,” like she’ll now be known as “Zoey with an edge.” Uhh, IDK if I’m ready for whatever that means. Maybe she’ll just be more mature and stop forgetting her key every single time she leaves the house? Or maybe the “edge” they’re referring to is some smart Samsung Galaxy Edge product placement that will now reign supreme over the Sidekicks Tek Mates of yesteryear?

      Also, another major change is that the show will pick up 10 years later, when Zoey is 28 and has a couple kids of her own. Hmm, this sounds very familiar.

      The sources didn’t share if Zoey will still be dating Chase, but it’ll definitely pick up around the time they open the time capsule, so there will be a lot of unpacking to do. And there will be A LOT of explaining to do if Logan Reese doesn’t make a comeback.

      Jamie hasn’t commented on this news, but I’ll be playing the theme song until she does.