Dee is one of the most empathetic people you’re likely to meet. It’s the result of working for 10 years as a local authorities inspector, then as an Ofsted inspector for eight. She’s now in her final year studying social work, specialising in adult mental health. Her work has made her much more understanding of relationships. She says, “There’s so much more than what’s on the surface. There’s always more going on than you might expect when you first meet someone.”

It’s been all-encompassing over the years. And she realised – while sitting as a portrait model – that she needed to start making time for herself. And so she did. She threw herself into her passions, making clothes in her spare time, learning about the intricacies of fashion and going to shows, just for her. If money was no object, she’d love to work part-time in a theatre wardrobe – while completing her degree.

You know that a date with Dee would be fun. She loves meeting new people and finding out all about them: “It’s how I am with people all the time, and I don’t think I’m different on dates.” She’s open, relaxed and easy to talk to, and “unintentionally funny”, according to her son. If she was to organise a date it would be dinner, then dancing. “I love dancing,” she’s quick to admit, “I love soul and reggae, but I’m open minded about music…from Grace Jones to classical. I recently went to see Electric Light Orchestra.”

What’s she looking for? Someone to enjoy life with, someone who’s more than a mate. But they’d need to be honest. Not that she doesn’t like surprises: “Someone brought me flowers once, I wasn’t expecting that, and on one date I was taken to a mystery show – it was quite risqué.” But dishonesty would be a major problem.

Because it was when Dee tried other online dating platforms, before finding Guardian Soulmates. “People are more upfront on Guardian Soulmates. On the app that I used before, a lot of the men were married. I had to check before meeting them!”

With Soulmates, there’s more of an opportunity to focus on yourself. “It’s the first time that some of us have had a chance to focus on just ‘us’. You’re having to say ‘this is me’. People find it strange. But I think it’s a great opportunity.”

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