What To Do If You Broke Up Before Valentine’s Day

Getty/Raydene Salinas Hansen Breakups suck. Ones that happen during “breakup season” (aka before the holidays) are even worse, and breakups between New Year’s and Valentine’s Day reside in a special circle of hell. Even if you and your partner parted ways a few months before V-Day, chances are, that hurt is still fresh if it […]

The CW Confirms ‘Riverdale’ Season 4 — Riverdale Season 4 Spoilers, Air Date, Cast News and More

While we’re in the middle of a season filled with bear attacks (what?), breakups (don’t mean to pour salt in the wound, Varchie stans), and creepy monster big bads that can’t really be Tall Boy (right?!?), the CW just announced that a whole lot more of Riverdale is still to come. Yes, season four has […]

What Mature Love Feels Like and How to Know You’ve Found It

Love can be an enigma. Sometimes you can experience it without knowing, while other times you can think you’re experiencing it when you’re not. So how do you ever truly know if you’re in love?   Having clarity about how you feel can help you see the difference between that intense, lusty passion and genuine […]

What Can a Private Investigator Do and Not Do

While a popular reason that people hire private investigators is to snoop on their partners or catch them cheating, that’s certainly not all P.I.s do. Lisa Ribacoff, a licensed Private Investigator based in New York City, explains that often times insurance companies will use P.I.s to determine whether or not someone is truly as hurt […]

Ariana Grande Tried to Fix Her Japanese ‘7 Rings’ Tattoo but It’s Still Wrong

Hello everyone! Welcome to the saga that is Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” tattoo. In this newest episode, you’ll find out how one Ariana tried to fix her previously messed up tattoo and ended up getting it wrong again. Let’s back up a bit, shall we? On Tuesday night, Ariana got a tattoo that allegedly said […]

Chris Pratt Reacts to Katherine Schwarzenegger Access Hollywood Video

After Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger got engaged a few weeks ago, Access Hollywood resurfaced a video in which Katherine jokingly picked her now-fiancé Chris in a game of “would you rather” a year before they even met. While sitting down with Chris this week, Access showed him the video (which he had never seen) […]

Taylor Swift Prepares for Her Role in the Cats Movie

Getty ImagesLarry Busacca Taylor Swift is trying her hand at this whole acting thing, and as part of getting into character for her role in the new “Cats” movie, she’s fully embracing her new identity as a literal cat. Rebel Wilson posted an Instagram Story of the call sheet for the movie, and it lists […]