Doing Kegels during sex is not only some admirably high-level multitasking, but it can also enhance sex for both of you by making you feel tighter (or, conversely, more relaxed if you suffer from painful intercourse). It also increases blood flow, arousal, and the strength of your orgasms. Seriously, are there ANY downsides here???

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1 The Deep Dive

There’s no reason you can’t try Kegels during sex with your own damn self. They’ll make a regular ole dildo feel extra sexy, or you can go with a specialized toy like the Aneros Vivi that automatically gives you clit vibration (reward!) as you pulse. Squeezing around something can give you deeper-feeling orgasms, especially if you keep squeezing through them.

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2 The Core-Play

In positions where your legs are spread super wide, enhance the P-in-V contact by harnessing the power of Kegels. Try it during a woman-on-top position where you’re kinda squatting over your partner. Squeeze your Kegels rhythmically, like you’re pulsing around their penis. If they can still see while their eyes are rolled back in their head, their hands will be free to press a toy or rub a lube-y hand against your clit.

3 The Pulsing Lotus

Your male partner has probably discovered that they can also squeeze their Kegels and make their penis dance a little, but did they know they can do it when they’re inside you? It’s not great for a hard, fuck-me-now type of deal, but it’s amazing during an intimate face-to-face position. Don’t move for a moment while they flex/pulse their penis deep inside you. In that moment, it’s just you two and OMG, the throbbing. If you’re with the right person, it can feel pretty f*cking magical.

4 The Bing-Bong

A set of Kegel or Ben Wa balls inserted into the vagina during oral adds a feeling of fullness and a whole ’nother level of pleasure. To build up anticipation, you or your partner can put them in ahead of time—they’ll make it hard to think of anything else. Or go even further, fun-torture-wise, and invest in a vibrating set that can be operated via remote.

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5 The Double Squeeze

For a super-tight feel and more stimulation where you need it, squeeze your legs together during missionary. The motion here is less an in-and-out and more a slow grind—tilt your pelvis down so your vulva is sliding along the top side of their shaft. As you move, squeeze your Kegels in long, slow contractions—it’ll feel like you’re hugging their penis.

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