• Tonight was the fifth episode of the Bachelorette, and, as Chris Harrison promised, there was ~drama~.
  • Most of the drama in the first part of this ep focused around the one and only Luke P.

    Warning: There are spoilers below, so true Bachelorette fans only plz!

    Please gather round, fellow residents of Bachelor Nation, because we need to talk about Luke P. Our poor girl Alabama Hannah has been dealing with this person for four whole episodes now (which is what, like, 10 days? lol), from Luke P. telling Hannah that he was FALLING IN LOVE WITH HER in episode 2 (2!!) to his maybe purposely slamming into Luke S. while they were playing a ‘friendly’ game of rugby, and the ball was literally nowhere near them. Basically, it doesn’t look like self-control/playing nice is this guy’s strong suit.

    And tonight he made the first half hour of the episode about him and his drama (again) when he straight up lied to Hannah, I guess because he forgot that he’s being filmed and every person with a television/Hulu/internet access can see that he’s playing her and being shady AF. His drama with Luke S. (which included Luke P. telling Hannah that Luke S. was only on the show to promote his tequila brand, which he doesn’t even have yet) and his just being generally inconsiderate and “an evil, pathological liar” was enough to turn all of the other contestants—and all of Twitter—against him.

    Seriously, Twitter is NOT HERE for Luke P. tonight. See for yourself:

    Sadly, the producers Hannah decided that she still wanted to give Luke P. another chance—direct quote from the Bachelorette herself: “My heart wants him to be here, but my head doesn’t always want him to be here, so it makes it difficult what decision to make.” But on the bright side, another contestant called Luke P. a “douche canoe,” tonight, so at least we got that, lol.

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