KFC Is Currently Testing Beyond Meat’s Vegan Fried Chicken

Per a press release, KFC will soon become the world’s first quick service restaurant “to introduce a plant-based chicken.” They teamed up with Beyond Meat to create “Beyond Fried Chicken,” which will debut at an Atlanta KFC location tomorrow, CNBC reports. The vegan alternative will only be available at that one restaurant for now (637 […]

Starbucks Launches Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

The return of the PSL marks the start of fall for Starbucks lovers, despite falling well before the official first day of autumn. Since it’s still too hot to comfortably drink a hot latte—and because cold beverages accounted for 50 percent of the coffee giant’s sales in 2018—Starbucks is giving fans a new pumpkin drink […]

The Popeyes, Chick-fil-A, and Wendy’s Chicken Sandwich Twitter Feud

The internet is in a heated debate over whether the new Popeyes chicken sandwich is better than Chick-fil-A’s or not. Chick-fil-A claimed to be the original chicken sandwich creator. Wendy’s also got involved and things got ugly. I never thought a Twitter feud could top that Peppa Pig and Iggy Azalea one, but I stand […]

Amazon Is Selling A Transparent Phone Case With A Fried Chicken Grip

Phone cases have slowly taken a detour from being used to just protect one’s phone. I’m sorry, OtterBox, who? Since I spend almost every waking minute on my smartphone—and I KNOW you do too—why not have a little fun with the case? Well, good news for funky-phone people (and chicken lovers)—we have found you THE […]

Four Loko Teased a New Hard Seltzer on Instagram With 14% ABV

Drinking spiked seltzer is a peaceful, enjoyable way to get your buzz on, one flavored fizz-filled sip at a time. In fact, the White Claws (yes, please!), Trulys, and Smirnoffs of the world are out-selling many craft beers. Now there’s a new competitor on the horizon. Four Loko, notorious for their highly-concentrated alcohol, is giving […]

What to Mix With Gin — 19 Easy Gin Cocktails and Drinks

Sanchi Oberoi Sure, gin and tonics are the best (especially when it’s hot AF outside), but there’s so much more to do with gin, from colorful variations on the classic G&T to fruity cocktails that are fun but not too sweet. Plus, Negronis. All the Negronis! To help revamp your bar selections, we’ve compiled 19 […]