1-Year Anniversary Date Ideas to Make It Special

The one year mark is a big deal. By this point, you’ve met each other’s families and may already be thinking about moving in together. For married couples, it means the two of you have overcome one of the hardest years of a relationship and all its obstacles. (Joint bank accounts, I’m looking at you). […]

24 Anniversary Date Ideas to Knock It Out of the Park

So it’s getting close to that time when you need to come up with the perfect way to celebrate another year of being with the love of your life. You remembered the anniversary, purchased the gift, and now all there’s left to do is create a fun date the two of you can enjoy. Whether […]

9 Places to Go on a Date You (Probably) Don’t Know

There are a lot of bad date ideas that have been around for far too long. Who thought movie theater dates were a good idea? You sit side by side, not talking for two hours. And, especially on a first date, where you need to get to know the person better, it helps to be […]

20 Fun, Low-Pressure Double Date Ideas

Double dates—love them or hate them, you’ll most likely be asked to go on one at some point in your life. Double dates can come up for so many different reasons. Maybe your friend is dating someone new and they have a friend to set you up with—voila, it’s a double date. Or maybe you’re in […]

10 Unique Date Ideas to Win You Extra Creativity Points

You figured out the perfect opening line that’s playful without being disrespectful. You transitioned the conversation into asking them out on a date—and they said yes. At this point, some people would say that the hard part is over. Unfortunately, those people would be wrong. Once you have the date, you have to make sure […]

Rainy Day Date Ideas for Going Out and Staying In

Rain. The ultimate downer for a date, usually anyway. When the weather gets bad, your options are limited, and there’s not a whole lot you can do about it. Have a date planned? Don’t worry, there are still a lot of things you can do. You just need to be a little flexible, and a […]

10 Date Ideas for Couples Who Have Been Dating for a While

They call the beginning of a relationship the honeymoon period for a reason. You have energy and excitement, you’re both putting in a lot of effort to impress each other, your date nights are creative and fun, and it’s a great time of life. But, eventually, you reach a stage in your relationship where a […]

Have a Great Time Doing Something Different

There’s no time like winter time. Winter gives us plenty of occasions to spend quality time with friends and family, reasons to enjoy great food and drinks (and wear puffy jackets to hide those extra pounds), and excuses to snuggle up with someone special. If you’re single and want to get close to someone new, […]