10 Qualities of a Good Woman to Keep an Eye Out For

“Because she chooses what she wants out of life, and she holds on to it when she gets it. When you are what she wants, she will give you her everything,”- James Michael Sama A lot of men like to give the impression they don’t worry about relationships, finding the right person, or settling down […]

The Thigs Girls Love and Hate

What does it really mean to be a good boyfriend? Well, it’s about a lot more than planning dates, giving compliments, or showing up to events. You have to show up in other ways too. Every person and every relationship is different. So the things that make your girlfriend happy won’t necessarily be the things […]

12 Tips for Dating a Single Dad

Dating a single dad isn’t like dating someone who’s never been married or had kids. Single dads are their own demographic. They’ve been there done that, but they’re also starting all over again. And like all singles (and couples for that matter) they’re still figuring it all out too. But there are a couple things […]

15 Tips for Dating a Single Mom

With the divorce rate at 40-50% these days, it’s more likely that you’ll find yourself dating, or opening yourself up to dating someone with children. But dating a single mom is not like dating a woman without children. Whether her kids are with her or at their dad’s, her children will always be the main […]