How to Tell a Guy You Like Him (Even If You’re Scared)

When you catch feelings for someone, it can happen in an instant or over the course of a long friendship, but one day you wake up feeling different. You get giddy and excited every time you think about him, you look forward to hanging out together, you make excuses to run into him places… In […]

9 Qualities of a Good Man to Look Out For

The rise of online dating sites and apps has meant that it’s now easier than ever to meet single guys. But, naturally, you don’t want to meet just anyone, you want to meet the one. So how can you tell if you’ve met a good man? It can be pretty difficult, especially when you’ve just started […]

How to Talk to Women You’re Interested In Without Screwing Up

It can be scary to approach a woman you’re interested in for a variety of reasons. It’s very, very important to be respectful, to have full consent, and to make sure you’re not interjecting into her personal time and space. And, you know, you also want to impress her, let her you know you’re interested, […]

How to Be a Good Girlfriend to the Guy of Your Dreams

So you’re in a brand new relationship, and unlike those other guys in the past, this one really seems to be the one. It’s kind of amazing how every relationship just brings us a little more clarity about the kind of boyfriend we truly deserve. But if this guy is actually the man of your […]

Do I Like Him? A Guide to Decoding Your Feelings

Do I like him? This question isn’t so obvious as we grow older and become cautious of our feelings. You’re not 14 anymore, so you’ve probably learned by now that just because you feel butterflies around a certain somebody, doesn’t mean you should jump in feet first, opening your world up to his, just because […]