Traditional Dating Tips That Still Work

Despite the fact that men and women have been courting each other for thousands of years, dating is a relatively new concept. Prior to early 1900s most singles were connected in the unemotional game of being set up by their parents. Then came the industrial revolution, women’s rights, free love, the internet, and then BAM! […]

Four Things You Should Take Away from Bad Dating Experiences

I matched with Ryan on a dating app. He was a tattooed redhead and looked dorky and cute in his photos. I’d just started dating online and hadn’t gone on very many dates yet. But, so far, I’d been lucky. I’d gone out with a doctor and a filmmaker. Both had been nice men and […]

5 Essential Truths About Being Single at 40

Here’s this thing—people in their 40s are still very young. It may be true that the majority of people in their 40s make more money, are most established in their careers, have experienced long-term relationships, and have learned a thing or two about life and love that allows them to approach their relationships with maturity […]

I Dated Through Dry January. Here’s What I Learned.

Everybody has that annoying health trend friend who bombards them with the latest pseudoscience theories about how to get into tip top shape. Well, I’m sorry to say, this time it’s me. This past month, I participated in my second dry January to help curb my anxiety, clear my head, and shed a couple pounds. […]

How to Not Be Clingy In the Early Stages of a Relationship

Clinginess is a two-fold problem. You’re either around too much or you’re acting out your insecurities. It’s natural to want to be around someone you like, and everyone has insecurities, but in the early stages of a relationship you’ll want to tread a little more lightly. Think of the early stages as an extended first […]

9 Places to Go on a Date You (Probably) Don’t Know

There are a lot of bad date ideas that have been around for far too long. Who thought movie theater dates were a good idea? You sit side by side, not talking for two hours. And, especially on a first date, where you need to get to know the person better, it helps to be […]