Brie Larson Just Showed Her Superhero Strength With an Epic Pullup Move

Filming hasn’t started on Captain Marvel 2 yet, but Brie Larson isn’t slacking off. She just posted a video to Instagram in which she can be seen working on her pullup game and challenging her grip strength — and the people in the comments are impressed, to say the least. “Brie’s form isn’t bad, and […]

Hip Flexor Stretch How To — Stretches For Pain, Hip Opening, Yoga

Ever stand up from a long day of doing nada with your legs and think, “Um, why am I sore from doing all of that nothing?” Welp, you can thank your hip flexors. In case you need a refresh, hip flexors are a group of muscles in your abdomen, thighs, and glutes (dat butt) that […]

Amazon Reviewers Are Obsessed With Fitting Racerback Sports Bra

If you’ve ever gone for a run while wearing an ill-fitting sports bra—or, dare I even imagine, without a sports bra (*gasp*)—you’re well aware of how freakin’ essential a supportive undergarment truly is to your workout. But with all of the strappy situations flooding the market (which, don’t get me wrong, are cute AF), finding […]

Best Pilates Youtube Channels Videos — The 20 Best Pilates YouTube Workout Videos

For a workout that doesn’t usually involve more than a mat and an instructor with visible obliques, Pilates is priiiiicey. But you can get strong, bendy, and Kate Middleton-level posture without spending your brunch fund on endless flutter kicks. Whether you’re new to Pilates, have the core of a Joseph Pilates himself, or just need […]

What Is Food Combining Diet — Pros, Cons, Risks, and Benefits of Food Combining

I love watching twenty-something lifestyle vloggers on YouTube. I buy their product recs (I saw Gretchen Geraghty wearing tiny gold hoops, so I bought tiny gold hoops), stalk their socials (Greece looked great, Brooke Miccio), and never miss a “week in my life” video (keep ’em coming, Danielle Carolan!). Recently, one of my fave vloggers, […]

Amazon Adidas Sale | Save on the Latest Adidas UltraBoost 19

Since 2013, Adidas has been upping the game in terms of cushioning with its Boost foam that’s consistently created some of the most plush and bouncy rides. The latest version has refined the fan-favorite original UltraBoost—and now it’s on sale on Amazon in select styles and sizes. The original price tag of $180 hasn’t gone […]

FitBit’s Charge 3 Tracker Is On Sale For $30 Off On Amazon

The FitBit Charge 3 is on sale on Amazon today for $30 off. The Charge 3 can track your steps, calories burned, heart rate, and sleep. Fitbit’s Charge 3 tracker normally costs $149.95, but it’s on sale for only $119.95. There’s something ridiculously satisfying about being able to track your physical activity. Maybe it’s sheer […]

Woman Credits 40-Pound Weight Loss to 30-Minute Kayla Itsines Workout

Before having her first child, 27-year-old Utah native Natalie Swenson didn’t stick to much of an exercise routine. But six weeks after her daughter was born, Swenson, a cosmetologist-turned-Zyia activewear rep, decided she wanted to start working out for reals. After scrolling through countless transformations on Instagram, she downloaded Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide, aka […]

Baleaf Women’s High Waist Yoga Shorts Review

One night, while browsing for cheap workout wear on Amazon, I stumbled across some yoga shorts that everyone was obsessing over. People were losing their minds over the pockets, the trendy look, and the quality for the price. Some said they loved the shorts so much that they immediately bought another pair. Plus they have […]

The Best Products to Fight Stress Acne

It’s like clockwork: Halfway into a crazy day, you discover a red pimple emerging on your cheek. Great! How nice! Meet stress acne, which can appear anytime you’re feeling anxious, worried, or generally burnt out, and will take your day from bad to worse. Well, enough is enough. Use these four tips to tackle stress […]