Bath & Body Works 2019 Review, Best Scents, Candles

Instagram | Courtesy | John Francis Does hearing the phrase “Sun-Ripened Raspberry” suddenly transport you back to middle school, rocking pastel-colored butterfly hair clips and a mini backpack? If so, hi!—let’s be best friends, and also—I have big news: Bath & Body Works is cool again. The beauty shop—technically it’s a *fragrance store* that keeps […]

Your Horoscope for the Week of August 26 — August Horoscopes

After a summer of wild energy, this week continues to ground us with earthy love. Monday’s Venus trine to Uranus opens up our minds on romance, while Mars’ trine to Uranus on Wednesday shakes up our ambitions. Mercury enters intelligent Virgo on Thursday, helping us stabilize, and a new moon in Virgo on Friday is […]

Target Is Selling Matching Halloween Pajamas for the Whole Family

You might be used to getting matching pajamas for Christmas morning, but why should you wait for those holidays? Target is making Halloween a matching-worthy holiday with its selection of spooky family pajamas. Your options range from pumpkins to ghosts to a skeleton, so you’ll be totally on-theme come October. There are adult and kid […]

Things to Do in Austin, Texas — Best Places in Austin

Until recently, I had never been to Texas (my many layovers in the Houston and Dallas airports DON’T count), but I’ve always wanted to take a trip to Austin—you know, the place that hosts SXSW and considers breakfast tacos part of a well-balanced diet. So I finally booked a flight and immediately fell in love […]

Quit Instagram – Why You Should Take a Break From Instagram

About once a day, I wonder about the ways I’ve probably broken my brain. Something happens after you pass age 25 that makes every hangover feel like a threat, like your head feels physically lighter from the brain cells you’ve just willfully and joyfully thrown away. And lately, I have this recurring nightmare where the […]

Rabbit Raven Optical Illusion Answer

We’re still not done fighting over math problems and optimal sleeping temperatures, but today brings yet another tweet that’s specifically designed to stoke fierce debate. In the video below, a hand is seen affectionately petting a rabbit. Or, uh, wait: Is that a raven? No, no. It’s definitely a rabbit. …BUT IS IT ACTUALLY A […]

Most Valuable ’90s Toys – ’90s Things Worth Money Now

Original Digimon The late ’90s introduced us to the wonder of virtual pets, many of which I killed within several hours. Chances are you didn’t hold onto your Digimon, but if you *did,* he could be worth about $205. A pretty steep upgrade considering these things cost, like, $5 at Walgreens.

See the Decor and Furniture Inside Cosmopolitan’s Office Redesign

The Cosmopolitan team recently moved offices, which meant one thing: makeover. (*Cue the rom-com montage.*) Our amazing creative team went ham, picking out glam furniture, funky decor, and bold wallpaper to revamp a few of the spaces, including Editor-in-Chief Jess Pels’ new digs, a used-to-be-boring conference room, our entryway, and the greenroom, where celebs chill […]