Your Horoscope for the Week of July 22 — July Horoscopes

YAS KWEEN! Leo season begins on Monday, giving summer the joy, drama, and fun we’ve been longing for. If you need to express yourself to a partner, Wednesday’s conjunction is the time to make amends, apologize, or forgive. Venus enters Leo on Saturday, inspiring grand displays of affection and open hearts in love. ~*~ARIES~*~ GETTY […]

This Vaping Wedding Photo Trend Is Dividing the Internet

Evgeniy Kleymenov / EyeEmGetty Images People are vaping in their wedding photos now. Twitter is reeling from the news. Y’all, I know we said it couldn’t get worse than the Cats trailer or Miley Cyrus labeling her twerking videos with Megan Thee Stallion’s #HotGirlSummer movement, but some newlyweds just said, “Hold my beer.” Er, actually, […]

The Couple Who Bought ‘The Conjuring’ House Says Weird Things Keep Happening

Amazon It’s official—we may have just found the craziest real estate purchase of 2019. According to the Sun Journal, an adventurous couple from Mexico, Maine has just purchased the real-life house that inspired the insane horror movie The Conjuring. The Conjuring—aka the scariest movie ever—is based on the true story of the Perron family, (who […]

These Are the Most Gorgeous Places to Visit in Playa del Carmen

After staying in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, for four days, I secretly wished my flight to New York City would be canceled so my beachy Instagram content and I could live happily ever after. Sadly, that didn’t happen, but a guy can dream. I stayed at Mahekal Beach Resort, and not only was the location […]

19 Fall-Scented Candles — Best Candles for Fall

Yankee Candle $23.50 Yankee Candles are classic, especially this scent, which has over 1,000 reviews. As one obsessed buyer put it: “If you love the smell of cool, crisp, fall air, then you will fall in love with Autumn Wreath.” It also has notes of cinnamon that’ll remind you of your mom’s apple pies, and burns up to […]

Frey Universal and Nomad Freshener Spray Review — Best Fabric Spray

My small studio apartment has some very specific pros and cons. Lighting a single Otherland candle can make my whole place smell like peonies and lilacs (pro!). One Thai coconut curry dinner, though, and everything in it suddenly smells like spices and onions (definitely a con). The reason for this? My apartment is, like, less […]

Fuel Mileage – How to Get the Most Out of Fuel

Thomas TrutschelGetty Images Ever wonder what that little low fuel warning dash light actually represents in your car? We’ve all been there. Sometimes it makes you think that there are just a few small drops in the bottom of the tank, that the car only has a few minutes until you’re stranded and have to […]

A Walmart Shopper Gargled Mouthwash, Spit It Back in the Bottle, and Returned It to the Store Shelf

Twitter / Bameron Nicole Smith Last week, a woman licked a pint of ice cream and then put it back in the freezer section. It was gross, unsanitary, and a straight up felony. But apparently, horrible people on the internet haven’t learned their lesson, because a different Walmart shopper was videoed gargling mouthwash, spitting it […]

Here’s the Deal with That Old Face App Everyone’s Using

Wondering what app everyone is using to get pictures of themselves looking old on Instagram? It’s called FaceApp, and you can download it below, so scroll TF down! Hello, and welcome. If you’re here, you are likely confused about why literally everyone on your Instagram timeline will not stop posting photos of themselves as old […]