This Target Sun Squad Pineapple Backpack Cooler Holds 20 Cans

A cooler is essential for keeping your food and drinks cool so the party can go all day (and night). However, it’s not exactly the easiest thing to transport from one location to another. The bulkiness is real. That’s why this pineapple backpack cooler from Target isn’t just cute—it also provides an easy way to […]

M.A.Di Homes’ Flat-Pack, A-Frame Cabins Fold Up and Move Easily

What if I told you that you could be delivered an entire tiny prefabricated home that can be put together within a day—with plumbing, electric, heating. and AC all included? You probably wouldn’t believe me, which is why you need to see this incredible A-frame house (that literally can be folded and unfolded!) yourself. Designed […]

Your Horoscope for the Week of May 20 — May Horoscopes

Two Gemini transits make sense for the sign of the twins! On Tuesday, Gemini season begins and Mercury enters Gemini too, giving the zodiac the power and passion to perceive and communicate as intelligently as possible. A Pisces moon through Memorial Day weekend starts the summer in a soulful style. ~*~ARIES~*~ Getty | Esther Faciane […]

Most Beautiful Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina — Charleston Attractions

The Beach Club Charleston I’ve always had a thing for the South. For some reason, my hair curls perfectly in the humidity (a truly weird flex, I know), and the restaurants encourage you to eat fried chicken for every meal: Want some breakfast? Chicken and waffles. Need a snack? Chicken biscuit. Hungry for dinner? Get […]

Watch Exclusive Clip of Dateline’s ‘The Betrayal of Sarah Stern’

Gather round, true crime fans, because we have a story that you absolutely need to hear—and watch. It involves a young woman, an abandoned car, a huge chunk of money, and ultimately, a disturbing confession captured on video. It was December 2, 2016, cold and just a short stretch until the holidays, when Sarah Stern, […]

Duvet vs Comforter — Pros and Cons of Comforters and Duvets

Have you ever taken a bite of an extremely good piece of cake, only to be severely disappointed by nasty fondant on top? That’s the dessert equivalent of having a perfectly constructed bed topped with a lumpy, sad, hand-me-down blanket. Even if your bod doesn’t cuddle up against it, what goes on top of your […]

Pottery Barn Is Selling a Bean Bag Pool Float for Summer

Pottery Barn With Memorial Day Weekend just a week away, we can all agree on one thing: summer is here. Okay, not officially, but we’re pretty damn close—and there’s no better way to celebrate the summer sun than to stock up on everything you’ll need for a killer long weekend. That means pool floats, pool […]