Cute, Romantic Quotes She’ll Love

There are relationships, then there’s true love. You’re with someone new, and it’s different. Or maybe, you’ve been together for years. Either way, it’s deep, exciting, special. You want to pour your guts out to her. Maybe you have already. If you’re having trouble putting words to your feelings, don’t worry—most people do. Here are […]

What Mature Love Feels Like and How to Know You’ve Found It

Love can be an enigma. Sometimes you can experience it without knowing, while other times you can think you’re experiencing it when you’re not. So how do you ever truly know if you’re in love?   Having clarity about how you feel can help you see the difference between that intense, lusty passion and genuine […]

What It Means to Be a Hopeless Romantic In 2019

Thanks to romantic comedies, when you think of a hopeless romantic, you might picture a recently dumped lovesick person with unrealistic expectations about relationships. But in reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Hopeless romantics are a pure, rare breed. If you’ve ever dated one, you know how caring and committed they are to […]

7 Signs a Man is Falling In Love With You (And 7 He Isn’t)

Have you been dating someone for a little while, and a part of you thinks things are going well but you’re not totally sure? Or maybe you’re already boyfriend and girlfriend, but he hasn’t said those three words yet, and you can’t help but wonder, “Does he love me?” Don’t worry—like ninety-nine percent of women […]

Is It Romantic or Just Plain Stupid?

We’ve all heard the saying, “Love is blind.” This blindness typically occurs in the first few months of dating someone new. When infatuation is high and emotions are so strong, they can overwhelm all other concerns, even if this new person is completely wrong for you. If you feel these strong feelings or even love for […]

What It Means to Have an Emotional Connection

When you have an emotional connection with someone, it means you’re attracted to more than the way they look on the outside. You might not even be attracted to them physically, it just depends. It means you value their mind and spirit, and can have deep and meaningful conversations with them. You feel like they […]

Stop Saying “I Want to Fall in Love” and Start Embracing the Journey

It’s a Friday night and you’re alone. Again. Maybe you’re watching a cheesy movie alone on your couch and wishing you had a partner sitting beside who had just as much disdain for Adam Sandler as you do. Or maybe you’re daydreaming of a romantic dinner for two that will end with mind-blowing sex. Basically, […]

6 Reasons to Love Someone and How to Share How You Feel

Loving someone is one of the most incredible experiences that this life has to offer. If you’ve ever been in love, you’ll know what I’m talking about. But sometimes it can be tough to put those feelings into words. But finding the way to tell someone how you feel is a great way to strengthen […]