How Chronic Stonewalling Can Create a Relationship Prison

Stonewalling is not a term that’s used every day, and when it is used, it’s usually in the context of a business negotiation or maybe a political discussion. For those of you who have never heard of it, stonewalling refers to intentionally refusing to speak or answer specific questions, or to evading questions by speaking around the […]

9 Signs of Gaslighting in Relationships to Watch Out For

Do you ever feel like you’re going insane in your relationship? When you’re being gaslighted, your relationship takes a nightmarish detour down loony-toon town, where your partner starts distorting your view of reality through denial, excuses, and lying. Through this emotional torture, you change from a level-headed, confident person to a confused victim. You’re being […]

6 Techniques to Help Cope with Relationship Anxiety

Pistanthrophobia is the fancy name for relationship anxiety, and nearly 20 percent of people suffer from it. Pistanthrophobia is fear of trusting new people who come into your life due to past failed experiences, and it can seriously affect your relationships with others. Relationship anxiety is having continuous anxious thoughts about the relationship. These thoughts […]

7 Common Problems With Communication in Relationships

For any relationship to flourish, it requires a great deal of time and commitment from both people. Putting in the work and showing up is one thing, but without communication, you won’t be able to move forward. Communication is the key to any functional, healthy, and happy relationship. The trouble is, everyone communicates differently, and […]

How to Make Getting Back Together with Your Ex Actually Work

People break up and get back together all the time. Deciding to rekindle things with your ex can be tough, but the real hard part comes after the reconciliation. How do you build a relationship that’s stronger than it was before and move past the issues that caused you to break up in the first […]

Is the Silent Treatment Abuse?

One minute your partner seems fine and the next, not so much. The only answer you can get out of your partner is an, “I’m fine” but they don’t seem like they’re fine. They seem angry, but they won’t tell you why. You’re on edge, never feeling safe or comfortable around them because it feels […]