Sarah West — Family Friend Hooking Up with Husband while wife pregnant

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Meet Sarah West of Wolfhouse MMA. Sarah was training with Parwez, who is a coach at Wolfhouse MMA. While Parwez’s wife was pregnant with the couples first child, Sarah and Parwez were having an affair and masking it as “training”. The sad thing is that Sarah was invited to the couples wedding, their […]

Jealous friend tried to damage amazing Skylar Walling because she is insecure

THE DIRTY ARMY:  The defamation of someone character is hurtful. Gossiping about the beautiful Skylar Walling and saying things that are not true is something that is done by a female friend because of her own insecurities within herself. The truth about Skylar is that she is a beautiful kind soul! Her beauty stems from the […]