– My shipment was returned to jolly chic. Review 1090795

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I’m really angry and frustrated at the disgusting customer service provided by JollyChic and their shipping company Fetchr. 

It’s been more than one and a half month that I have placed two orders. I had paid online for the products.
At first when I received a call for delivery, the driver went to an other location which is remraam. That was my previous address, whereas in my order I had mentioned my new address. They did the same for both the orders. 

I called up Fetchr then and told them about this. It took them two weeks to get the shipment to dubai. 
And then I wasn’t home. I had clearly told the agent it’s fine I’ll come and collect it from Fetchr pick up. She told me she will send the address via email but unfortunately she didn’t. And the next day I received an sms saying your order has been dispatched for delivery and expect delivery today. I didn’t receive anything. The next day when I called up Fetchr, they told me they have returned it to JollyChic.
Since morning I have been trying to contact someone at JollyChic and Fetchr but neither of the companies seem helpful. I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED BY THIS SERVICE AND BEHAVIOUR. 
I have been contacting Ms Anood and Mr Mahmoud from the customer service department but neither of them are helpful. 

I’ll be flying on 1st of January 2019, and I need to receive the package as soon as possible within two days. I’m so disappointed that I do not want them to deliver it to me. I’ll go and pick it myself from the warehouse or any office I can take it from. I need a call today itself from the company and know about my shipment.

I’m not exactly sure about my shipment number but I’m sure you can track it down through my mobile number which is [protected].

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Courts Singapore – Neck Pillows, Review 1090796

Contact information:

I would like to dodge a complaint as started with an order of 12 neck pillows on the 7th of Dec, only to have an attention after 2weeks but initiated by myself sending an email asking of my product status of when would the delivery be.

Secondly on the third week, received a decent called by mina claim to be a supervisor or actual to drop a bomb that a particular color has been out of stock while order was made 3weeks beforehand as reservation was not available within the 3weeks. Amazed as the online table says stock available.

Thirdly delivery man came late and no apologize made over the phone or whatsoever, late for 30mins after a promised time of 2-5pm while 3hrs are being redundant. Signed by my father who is half-stroke yet gave no service report or delivery report of 1st half.

Lastly, mina called after a coincidence after dropping the line with the delivery man. Just to land a good news that delivery was available tomorrow rather than on a 31th. That was indeed coincidental that the delivery could be pulled forward.

I believe everything landing in the hands of an experience person could have an Excuse or Excuse, I would clear the air that I would not want an explanation as anyone could but a good compensation with an Apologized, by Wavier. No More Questions from me.

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Meghan Markle Says “We’re Nearly There” About Due Date

Now that she’s a bonafide Duchess, Meghan Markle isn’t exactly spending her time giving interviews to the press like she did back in the golden era of Suits. But Meghan does spend her time talking to fans during royal walkabouts, and chatted openly about her pregnancy during yesterday’s Christmas Day stroll with Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton.

According to a fan who got a few minutes with The Duchess, Meghan responded “we’re nearly there” when asked if she was excited to give birth.


Getty Images

Kensington Palace hasn’t released specific details about when Harry and Meghan’s first child will make its debut, only saying that Meghan’s due to deliver in Spring 2019. The first day of Spring is March 20th (which is three entire months away!), but it sounds like Meghan and Harry are more than ready to welcome their little one in the early part of the season!

Sex vs Gender vs Sexual Orientation

When it comes to public understanding and acceptance of various gender identities and orientations, much-needed discussions are finally being had. The future is indeed non-binary, but it’s okay if you are still learning the correct language to use to keep up with the discussion. For instance, what is biological sex, gender identity, and what’s the difference between the two? And to top it all off, what does sexual orientation have to do with any of it? Three sex and gender therapists and experts break it all down here.

How Sex is Defined

Nope, we’re not talking about the physical act of getting it on. “I define sex from a biological standpoint,” explains sex educator and trauma specialist Jimanekia Eborn. “It is something that doctors put on your birth certificate after you come out of the womb, based upon what your genitals look like and the particular set of chromosomes that you are given.”

Generally speaking, if you are born with a penis and XX chromosomes, your sex is labeled as “male” on your birth certificate. If you’re born with a vagina and XY chromosomes, it says “female’ on your birth certificate. As sex therapist Kelly Wise, Ph.D. points out, there are also intersex folks, or those born with a variety of conditions in which their reproductive anatomy and/or chromosomes don’t match the traditional definitions of female or male.

The Difference Between Sex and Gender

Not everyone’s gender identity matches the sex they are assigned at birth. “Gender is a socio-cultural concept of the way that people express themselves,” Dr. Wise says.If you’re cisgender, it means that the gender you identify with matches the sex assigned to you at birth. For trans folks, their gender identity does not match what was assigned at birth. Others use labels like non-binary (an umbrella term for someone who doesn’t identify on the gender binary as either male or female). Gender fluid describes someone whose gender fluctuates and may have different gender identities at different times. Basically, there are as many ways to express gender as there are people in the world.

If you’re wondering about your own gender identity, Dr. Wise, who is trans, reminds that there is no need to hurry to put label on yourself and that it’s okay to take your time, or change the way you describe your gender over time. “There is so much space to be an individual,” he says. “[Gender] ends up being one factor about you and not your whole defining exhibit. There is no rush to figure it out and you don’t have to limit yourself.”

What “Sexual Orientation” Means

One important thing to remember is that gender and sexual orientation are completely different. Gender is about your personal identity and expression, and sexual orientation simply refers to who you are attracted to. “I don’t think anyone would assume that a woman is automatically a lesbian or automatically bi,” says sex therapist Liz Powell, Ph.D. “We wouldn’t assume that a cisgender man is automatically gay—we look at them and don’t think that their gender necessarily determines what their sexuality should be. The same applies to people all across the gender spectrum.”

You may have heard a trans, non-binary, or genderfluid person describe themselves as “queer,” and think, well, doesn’t that mean that you’re gay? While the term “queer” is indeed significant to the LGBTQ community, as Dr. Powell explains, queer can mean anything that isn’t one hundred percent heterosexual and one hundred percent cisgender.

TL; DR: Sex is biological. Gender is a social construct, and each of us gets to decide our gender identity based on what we know to be true for us. And orientation simply means who you’re interested in dating and is entirely separate from biological sex and gender identity.

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LoseTheBackPain – My withdrawal from my credit account without my approval, Review 1090799

LoseTheBackPain – My withdrawal from my credit account without my approval, Review 1090799 | Complaints Board

I have been trying to contact you since yeaterday. 59.90 $ was taken from my credit card without my approval and to add it more with no product placement order!!!
How is this possible??
My name is Defne Gerek, with email address:

Tel no: [protected]

I have never experienced this kind of trust issue with online purchases and i am considering it to be a FRAUD case.

Please i ask you repeatedly to refund me my money.

Thank you

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Twitter Reactions to The Queen’s Gold Piano

The Queen just delivered her annual Christmas Speech, and it was, you know, fine/inspiring/basically what you’d expect. But in an awkward twist, Her Majesty happened to deliver her holiday musings in front of a massive and deeply extra gold piano that basically screams “Hi, I’m super rich, wby?”

And let’s just say people on Twitter are not thrilled. While, yes, that piano has been lurking around Buckingham Palace since before The Queen’s time, the image of a wealthy monarch issuing statements to her subjects in front of an object most people couldn’t dream of owning is…not a great look.

Here are some of the more extreme reactions floating around Twitter:

Though to be fair, plenty of people are also eye-rolling at the backlash!

Watch The Queen’s full speech and judge for yourself below.

Newborn Baby Essentials – Checklist of Best Baby Gear


Michelle Bower

There’s something about new moms that I just love. They’re ready and willing to tell you everything—and, if you’re smart, your ears will perk up. Sometimes the advice doesn’t jive with the way you want to raise your kid(s), so you treat it like a buffet of baby information, placing on your parenting plate only what you’d like to digest. But that wasn’t the case when I recently met Nasiba Adilova, a mom of two with one on the way, and she told me about her newborn must-haves.

I instantly vibed with Adilova, a fashionable, petite blonde, at a recent event for The Tot, the shopping and advice site she co-founded in 2016. Because The Tot was born out of her desire to reveal her baby-safe findings to her friends—which then blossomed into a .com that now houses a hybrid of content (written by real moms and certified experts) and the chicest, most curated eco-conscious e-comm you’ve ever seen—I listened up.

Turns out a lot of moms tap this Russian-born, Dallas resident for recos—even Kim Kardashian West turned to her before Chicago was born. For KKW, Adilova suggested items like a Monte Como Glider (“It’s my favorite glider made out of clean, non-toxic materials,” she says), as well as the Jenny Walker The Modern Gent Bassinet (a “chic changing table and bed”). “I always give the same advice, but of course the recommendations change due to new products that come out,” she says.

The Tot

Como Glider in Oatmeal Italian Wool and Walnut



When it came to my needs, she started with the basics:

1. Swaddles, bibs, burp and wash cloths.

      “These are all staples, and you need a lot of them,” she says. “So I buy in bundles because I don’t want to have to wait for more to be washed. I’m also a big fan of everything organic—clothing, detergent, products. I also don’t use anything super cute, because [babies] spit up everywhere, and breastmilk has colostrum in it and stains everything yellow. I really like 12 12, Cam Cam Copenhagen, and Kyte, which we sell on the site.” She suggests bringing swaddles, onesies, a hat, and a blanket to the hospital, since you know they’re thoroughly washed with the detergent you want them washed in. This is important if you’re only using fragrance-free soap, for example, to clean your baby’s laundry.

      2. Bottles.

      “I’m big on glass and silicone versus plastic,” she says. “Get as many glass bottles as you can—I like the Natursutton glass bottles, but for silicone, I love Comotomo, which have a round-shaped top to mimic a woman’s breast.” She also likes a metal brand called Pure, and I’ve been told Dr. Brown’s glass bottles are good—so I registered for all of the above. (My husband might have to move out, we have so much stuff!)

      Breastmilk storage bags and bottle wipes are two other life-savers; it’s obvious why storage bags are important, but the wipes (Adilova likes the ones from Medela) shave off time when you’re trying to clean a bottle on the go. You can also rub down your pump parts with them.


      Quick Clean Breast Pump and Accessory Wipes

      3. Pacifiers.

      Apparently the best pacifiers are the ones your baby won’t spit out. Adilova says she likes rubber pacifiers from brands like Natursutton. I’ve also heard the glow-in-the-dark ones by MAM are amazing, especially when you’re trying to find them in the dark without waking your little one. I registered for both.


      Glow in The Dark Pacifiers

      4. Car seat.

      Adiolva specifically loves the Doona for city dwellers, since it has wheels and you can push it around like a stroller, but she also recommends the Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat if you own a vehicle. Regardless of the one I choose, it’s important to read the reviews and also make sure it doesn’t weigh a zillion pounds, since you’ll have to haul them to and from the car (unless you live in the suburbs, which I don’t…yet).

      Buy Buy Baby

      Infant Car Seat/Stroller with Latch Base



      5. Strollers.

      Again, it’s all about convenience with your baby’s new ride. Adilova advises looking for something compact and easy to push around. The Bugaboo Bee is small and perfect for newborns, and a stroller called Pockit is great for when they’re six months. I went with the Bugaboo Fox and will try out this new foldable one from Colugo.

      6. Cribs and changing tables.

      Adilova recommends looking for items with the clean seal. So I got a changing table and crib with a Greenguard Gold Certification, meaning it’s made with nontoxic paint and finishes. For the insert on my changing table, she suggests the Nook, which has a textured pattern that allows air to flow in case your baby rolls over onto his or her stomach for a few seconds. There’s also the Keekaroo, which is squishy and peanut-shaped.

      Pottery Barn

      Mid-Century Convertible Crib

      West Elm x PBK,


      7. Bassinets.

      A few of Adiolva’s recommendations: the Halo and BabyBay, especially since I live in a NYC apartment, but she also loves the Jenny Walker bassinet, which she turned KKW onto. Thankfully, I have my cousin’s Halo as a backup, but I’m going to use the SNOO (Beyoncé’s choice of bassinet, designed by genius Dr. Harvey Karp, an ex-pediatrician of 30 years, along with other smarties at MIT). It helps the baby self-soothe with built-in white noise and rocking motion technology that intensifies as he or she cries louder. Even better, while it’s on the pricier side (up to $1,000) the brand’s coming out with a rental service that breaks down the price to $4 a day—less than your daily Starbucks habit. For an hour or more of sleep a day, I’d say it’s worth it.

      Happiest Baby

      SNOO Smart Sleeper


      8. Glider or rocking chair.

      While Adilova is a fan of the Monte glider, my mom already generously ordered one from Pottery Barn, which was sweet, so that’s the one we’ll use.

      9. Diapers and wipes.

      These, obviously, aren’t optional. Adilova loves the Bambo brand, since they’re plain white and work well. Other moms I trust, like Eva Chen (she also the author of Juno Valentine And The Magical Shoes), have raved about Earth’s Best, Honest, and Pamper’s Plus (Pamper’s version of a healthier diaper with fewer chemicals). My cousin also urged me to get an OXO wipes dispenser, because apparently when you pull out one wipe, four others come with it, and this contraption has a weight in it that allows only one to dispense at a time. Genius. Oh, also, fragrance-free wipes all day, every day—wiping scented products across your baby’s new skin may cause irritation.

      10. Baby products, toys, and tubs.

      Speaking of insanely fragranced products, since Adilova is all about organic everything, she suggests organic baby bath products as well. Brands like Erbaviva (their formulas legit smell like you’re at the spa—your newborn will love them, and you’ll enjoy the calming scents of organic lavender and chamomile, too). I’ve also been told Babyganics offers up clean ingredients at a low price point.


      Conditioning Shampoo + Body Wash

      For bath toys, she loves these rubber ones from Hevea: “I don’t recommend ones with a hole in the bottom, since water can get in and create mold.”

      The Tot

      As far as tubs go, she’s into the Boon Naked Collapsible Bathtub and the Stokke Flexi Bath, since they both collapse down and don’t take up a ton of room.

      Collapsible Bathtub



      11. Play gym.

      “A play gym is another thing you need as a new mom,” Adilova says. “One that I like is called Clover and Birch, which has wood and the other is called Love Every, which has flaps on the side that house little activities built-in.”

      The Tot

      Activity Gym

      Clover & Birch,


      12. Necessities for new moms.

      This includes but is not limited to the following MUST-HAVES (I’m told):

      Pumps. She suggests Medela’s hospital-grade version: “It helps get the milk out fast, and you can buy or rent it,” she says. Chen raves about the Spectra S1, since it has a rechargeable battery, making it great for flights.


      Sonata Smart Double Electric Breast Pump



      Nipple cream and shields. “Nipple cream is a must. I only use organic, and you’ll need four or five sets of nipple shields,” Adiolva says. “Just know that your nipple cannot touch any part of the shield—adhere it to the areola instead, so that it isn’t touching your actual nipple.” Got it.

      Oh, and to soothe your nipples post-feeding, many moms told me to get Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads—apparently they’re life-changing.


      Soothies Gel Pads for Breastfeeding

      Nursing bras. Adilova likes Medela nursing bras, but I’ve also heard great things about Bravado, Boob Design, Motherhood Maternity, and ThirdLove. Even H&M makes them, so there’s a price point for just about everyone. Or, you can be extra (glam) and use a Versace bra, like Rachel McAdams.

      Adiolva also says I have to get the FridaBaby Fridet MomWasher, a squirt bottle for your vagina postpartum that’s way better than the hospital’s version, according to her, that can make the post-delivery healing process quicker, cleaner, and easier. She also suggests grabbing the granny panty underwear with stretchable sides from the hospital, because no undergarment will be comfortable to you, and you can’t find this exact kind anywhere else. She’s right—literally SO many moms have told me the same thing, so I’m gonna listen. Finally, witch hazel pads can be super soothing and help with healing the area down there.


      Fridet The MomWasher



      Whew! That was a lot, but hopefully you don’t feel overwhelmed. I did at first, but with these basics, Adiolva reassured me that I’d be good to go. So I registered for and received a majority of her exact recommendations—or versions close to her suggestions—and feel pretty prepared for my Jan. 20 due date. And now maybe you do, too, if you’re a new mom-to-be. At the very least, you have a professionally curated list from an ultra-chic mama, which should help relieve some of the pressure—especially since the goal is NOT to feel overwhelmed during an amazing time like this.

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    Piers Morgan Calls Kardashians “Greedy” and “Repulsive”

    If you’re wondering what The Grinch is up to this year, he appears to have taken over Piers Morgan’s twitter feed! The Good Morning Britain host, known for his inflammatory tweets and love for trolling celebs, decided to spend the day after Christmas coming for the Kardashians. Specifically, he accused America’s First Reality Family of being greedy, narcissistic, and “repulsive.” Which we can all agree is pretty mean and unnecessary!

    His exact words? That would be, “If you’re curious why the Kardashians are all so greedy, narcissistic & repulsive, here’s their mother yesterday.” Oh, and he shared a photo of Kris Jenner holding a bag that says “Rich As Fuck.”

    Yikes. Like…it’s fine to have some feelings about Kris holding this bag when so many people in the world are struggling over the holiday season, but calling the Kardashian family “repulsive” seems like a very rude stretch.

    As of now, the Kardashians haven’t deigned to issue a response to Piers’ tweet, which…understandable.

    Volkswagen – Car warranty and air conditioning Filters, Review 1090801

    Volkswagen – Car warranty and air conditioning Filters, Review 1090801 | Complaints Board

    On Dec. 17/2018 I took my car Golf 2189JZS to VW SAFAMOTOR in San Pedro de Alcantara (Malaga/Spain) to have the 30.000 Km check up. I told the person from customer service that the car was find but there was a problem with the air conditioning; every time I turn it on it smells badly. I was surprised when I was told that VW warranty does not cover that problem. I was shocked the car is only 18 months old, has been well kept and never before with other cars that I had (Ford, Hyunday, MINI) encounter this air conditioning problem. What is the car warranty worth for? Why if there is a problem with the air conditioning filter they do not even bother to check it unless you pay for the cost. What kind of service do you give to your customers? I was more surprised when I was charge for the wiper washer that I just filled in 2 days before I went to the shop. I felt they were stealing from me. Also I think that just for changing the oil and one filter charging 217€ (it only took them 20 min. to do my car) is outrageous. There should be a price list with the different revision you do the cars for the 30.000, 60.000, 90.000 and so on… that way clients will be able to decide whether they want to be robbed or go elsewhere. It is a shame that with such a good car you had such a lame customer service and outrageous prices.

    I hope you can give me a reasonable answer with the air-conditioning problem. Otherwise this will be the first and the last time me or my family purchase a VW.

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    Samantha Markle’s Christmas Tweet to Meghan Markle

    Remember the other day when Samantha Markle published a Christmas letter to Meghan Markle in the tabloids? It was weird/iffy, but the overall message of her note wasn’t terrible. Basically, she asked Meghan to get in touch with their dad and issued some happily holiday vibes:

    Dear Meg,
    This is not meant to be formal. The holidays are a time for family and are sentimental. As you know, dad has been trying to contact you and is very hurt because you are avoiding him. Life is short and you know dad is wonderful. Please give him joy in his last years by showing that you love him. The time is NOW. Please think about this.
    Your sister,

    Buuuut flash-forward to Christmas Day and Samantha’s changed her tune, tweeting a message to Meghan that’s best described as…mean with a side of Grinch-y. “I’ve never seen anyone so rude and hurtful and heartless and absent a soul in my life,” Samantha tweeted on December 25. “Shame on you for what you have done to our father. No PR machine can fix this. I retract the merry Christmas, you don’t deserve it. How dare you walk into a church.”



    She also added “Forgiven,reunite ,and have the #Christmas spirit #Markle #KensingtonPalace and a peaceful heart? Apparently you’re not capable and I don’t know enough profane words to articulate how I feel. Wow.”



    Welp. To quote Samantha herself: wow.