How to Wear Bows in Your Hair and Not Look Like You’re in Elementary School

Street Style : Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2019 : Day Nine

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Hair bows. We haven’t talked about ’em since our childhood days. Late last year, though, people like Kate Middleton started wearing them and now they’re back. But, like, how do you wear them without looking like a child…or a cheerleader? I gotchu.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Leicester

Kate wearing a low pony with a velvet bow.

Max Mumby/IndigoGetty Images

When it doubt, go for velvet.

Street Style - Ukrainian Fashion Week 2019/20

A guest during fashion week wears a velvet bow that crushes it, IMO.

Christian VierigGetty Images

This seems to be the most universally acceptable hair bow material. When velvet is out of season, or you just can’t find it, something with a cool pattern or texture is an okay replacement.

Street Style - LFW February 2019

The pattern thing works too, though, as this fashion week attendee proves.

Edward BerthelotGetty Images

Wear it lower, not higher.*

The higher you wear a bow on your head, the more likely you are to be chanting “Be aggressive, B-E aggressive…”—this has been scientifically proven. SO, with that in mind, stick that thing on the lower half of your skull—the closer to the nape of your neck, the better.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Visits A UCL Developmental Neuroscience Lab

Low ponies for life.

Karwai TangGetty Images

Keep the strings of the bow longer than the loops, my fren.

This is just a pretty look that makes bouncy ponytails seem even BOUNCIER.

Street Style : Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2019 : Day Nine


Christian VierigGetty Images

…UNLESS you’re going for *drama*. Then it’s ALL about the loops.

I said what I said.

Street Style - Paris Fashion Week - Menswear F/W 2019-2020 : Day Two

Statement bow, FTW.

Edward BerthelotGetty Images

Use one that’s connected to a scrunchie.


Courtesy of Free People

Bows are in. Scrunchies are in. You can’t go wrong here.

*This is also the one exception to the rule of not wearing bows high.

Now that you’re armed with all the info you need, get out there and live your best bow-wearing life!

Katy Perry Says She’d Make Music With Taylor Swift

  • Taylor Swift and Katy Perry might be collaborating soon, if last night’s very awkward Katy Perry interview is anything to believe.
  • The two infamously started feuding back in 2013 when Katy allegedly stole backup dancers from Taylor’s tour.

    Last night, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry were both at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, and their way-back-when feud was randomly brought back into the limelight with one quick interview question.

    Entertainment Tonight was talking to Katy and Zedd, and they got on the topic of collaborations. One reporter asked Katy whether she’d be down to work with Taylor. Her answer was… odd.

    In fairness, she was pretending to be an AI version of herself for some reason that is TBD, but the question definitely caught her off guard. AI or not, that answer was technically a yes, but an awk one at that.

    In case you forgot due to all the other celebrity feuds that have probably captured your attention between then and now, Taylor and Katy had a major situation that started way back in 2013 when some backup dancers allegedly left Taylor’s tour for Katy’s.

    Then, Taylor released Bad Blood and basically confirmed that it was a total dig at Katy. The rest is (apparently not ancient) history.

    But if Katy’s willing to work with her, then it must be at least slightly over right? TBD.

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Shoppers Drug Mart – Life brand allergy pills, Review 1107775


Shoppers Drug Mart – Life brand allergy pills, Review 1107775 | Complaints Board

I have been purchasing this product for many years and find them to be extremely helpful. I needed to purchase more of this product recently and noticed that you have changed the product. I find that the new product is not as effective as the original. Is there any way of getting the old product back on the market. I have no other product that helps me the way that the old product did. I have allergies year round (not sure what I am allergic to), so having the old product back will help me tremendously. Any comment would be greatly appreciated. My email address is [protected]


Gail Plett

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Louis Tomlinson’s Sister Félicité Tomlinson Found Dead at 18


Instagram @FélicitéTomlinson

  • Louis Tomlinson’s younger sister Félicité Tomlinson has passed away at age 18.
  • She’s believed to have suffered a heart attack in her London apartment.

    Louis Tomlinson’s younger sister Félicité Tomlinson was found dead in her London apartment last night, according to police.

    The 18-year-old model and social media influencer reportedly collapsed from a heart attack. According to E!, the Metropolitan Police Service was called to a residential address in London following reports of a woman in cardiac arrest. The paramedics pronounced an 18-year-old woman dead at the scene.

    “Police are in the process of informing her next of kin,” police wrote in a statement. “At this stage the death is being treated as unexplained. A post-mortem examination will take place in due course.”

    This news comes just two years after Louis and Félicité’s mother Johannah Deakin passed away after a long battle with leukemia. Louis released a song about his mother one week ago, and in it, he wrote about how he’s living his life to honor her.

Halsey Wardrobe Malfunction iHeartRadio Music Awards

  • Halsey performed at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last night with her new boyfriend Yungblud.
  • Halsey had a wardrobe malfunction halfway through the performance thanks to the strap of her dress coming off. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Did you guys watch the iHeartRadio Music Awards last night? Cool, me neither I was in bed with my romantic partner Netflix at 9:30. But if you caught the beginning of the show, you probably saw Halsey’s epic performance with her new boyfriend Yungblud:

    And hello, she wore a dress that fully defied gravity.


    Getty Images

    It’s unclear if the strap on Halsey’s dress was intentionally off her shoulder or if it broke mid-way through her performance (iHeartRadio seems to think it broke), but she was basically ~this close~ to a nip slip the entire time.


    Getty Images


    Getty Images

    Though honestly, whatever. WE ALL HAVE NIPPLES, as Adam Levine so subtly proved at the super bowl when he ripped off his shirt for literally no reason.



    Kay, as you were!

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Spencer and Heidi Pratt Get Their Birth Charts Read

Spencer and Heidi Pratt, aka the lil-bit-infamous-but-totally-fabulous Speidi duo, sat down with Cosmo’s resident astrologer Aliza Kelly for a birth chart reading, and things got INTENSE. Everyone knows Spencer loves his crystals, but what’s written in the stars for him? Um, a lot, according to Aliza. Butttt before we get to that, let’s break down their astrological signs.

Spencer has a Leo sun, which totally fits with his outgoing personality. Heidi’s a Virgo sun, which means she’s super practical and loves to help others. Like most Virgos, she’s a total neat freak/perfectionist. Heidi and Spencer’s birth charts are super compatible—like, so much so that they were probably lovers in a past life. Which is why it totally makes sense that Heidi knew she was going to marry Spencer pretty much the moment they first met. Spencer loves big ideas, while Heidi focuses on the details, so they balance each other out perfectly.

Okay, so about that…dun, dun, dun: Big. Life. Choice. In the video above, Spencer reveals that in February, he and Heidi got “the craziest news in at least 15 years.” Um, say what?? He wouldn’t reveal what it was exactly, but apparently it’s stressing them TF out. They’ve got a big decision to make: choose the same route they did in the past, or forge a new (riskier) path? According to the stars, they gotta be brave.

TBD on what exactly will happen on that front, but the future’s looking bright for Speidi regardless. Aliza thinks the next two years will be prime time for ~creating things,~ so maybe Gunner Pratt will be getting a bb sibling soon?

Now that you’re up to date with Speidi, catch up with the rest of the Hills cast in our April cover story. And for more juicy deets about the reboot, subscribe.

Makro Online – Order number: mak2003377. over a month late and no contact. Review 1107776


This complaint is directed at the Springfield branch of Makro, Durban, KZN.

On the 8th of February 2019 an order was placed to this branch for the purchase and delivery of a twin tub washing machine. Payment was made via INSTANT EFT.
The price was R2299.00, with a delivery fee of R173.00 and VAT totalling up to R2472.00. You got your money immediately. We held up our end of the agreement.
Delivery was assured to take 3-5 working days on the site but once the order was processed we were hit with a ridiculous delivery date of 11 March. This was understandable as we deduced that the item was of limited stock due to it being an online only purchase but doesn’t excuse for your lack of foresight to retain adequate quantity on hand. We called, it was explained, and we waited. Patiently.
An email was received apologizing for late orders across the board due to a new and buggy system and assurances were made that all late orders would be delivered within 7 working days. This was about 2 weeks before the 11th of March but still no delivery was made.
The 11th came and we made ourselves available all day in order to receive our purchase. Note, again, THIS ITEM WAS ALREADY PAID FOR. Not a call, not an SMS, not a single [censored]ing email. And definitely no apology or explanation.
Three days on and our patience has reached its end. I’ve just called your call center who cannot tell me what is going on or why (See below for call reference) and explained that this is beyond any measure of reasonable neglect. I explained that a simple phone call or ANY form of contact to keep us in the loop would have sufficed. We wouldn’t have been happy but we’d have appreciated the gesture.
I offered the choice to either refund our money or, if Makro were partial to keeping two customers who otherwise have greatly enjoyed shopping at this store, step up to the plate and make good on your commitment to your clients by upgrading the order. Without missing a beat the answer was a refund, so the decision was made to lose out on further business because the system apparently only has that option. No putting me in contact with someone higher who had the authority to say one way or the other. Refund, and two lost customers.
Thank you Makro.
And come hell or high water that refund better reflect within the 3-5 working days that were promised.
This was our first time engaging with you through your online order platform, ever other time, in person, no issues were had and money spent was well worth it.
We want an explanation. We want to know why once our money was in your coffers that we were suddenly put in the rear view mirror and left coughing dust without a second thought.
The both of us have a combined 15 years worth of experience in various factors of retail and service and if there’s one thing we abhor it’s not being afforded the same consideration we gave to our customers.

The call reference is 53384, time was 10:08, length was 12 min 36 sec

Schalk Zwiegelaar

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T-Pain Jokes About Headbutting Taylor Swift’s Boobs

  • Taylor Swift showed up at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last night and didn’t seem here for T-Pain’s joke about “headbutting” her “boobs.”
  • Taylor’s fans are pissed, and hit Twitter to make their feels clear.

    In the event that you were too busy face-masking and watching Netflix to notice, the iHeartRadio Music Awards were last night. T-Pain hosted and Taylor Swift showed up, and honestly the entire evening should have been without incident! Buuuuuut T-Pain tried to make a joke about “headbutting” Taylor’s “boobs” and it was an incredible failure. Feel free to watch/cringe below.

    Obviously, this is just a very weird thing to say on live TV. But, um, also Taylor Swift was literally just involved in a sexual assault trial. And as you might expect, her fans were quick to call T-Pain out.

    In conclusion: T-Pain, my dude…WYD?

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Jordyn Woods Cheating Scandal Comeback

  • Jordyn Woods is making her return to the public eye following her “betrayal” of the Kardashian family.
  • FYI, Kylie Jenner’s assistant Victoria liked Jordyn’s recent Instagram post. Just saying!

    Wondering how Jordyn Woods is doing now that it’s been a minute since news of her cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson broke? Just fine, thanks for asking! Jordyn is slowly making her return to Instagram after a pretty solid break from social media, and posted this glam selfie video last night:

    None of the Kardashians have liked the post, but you know who has? That would be Kylie Jenner’s close friend and assistant Victoria, which hmmm.



    BTW, Jordyn also posted some pics to Insta Stories—including this gem:



    Her recent posts come after news that she and Kylie are “working on rebuilding their friendship,” with a source saying: “No one is actually putting too much pressure on her. Her family is aware that she is in contact with Jordyn. They are letting Kylie figure things out for herself.”

BeautifulHalo – Customer service/refund, Review 1107777


Okay. To begin,
I ordered a single piece of clothing from beautifulhalo in mid january. It was a simple grey loungewear romper. After almost a month of waiting for it, I noticed it was stuck in “processing”. I was told it would arrive in two weeks.
The first time I reached out to their customer service chat, they told me it was out of stock, and I would have to wait until march 10th to receive it. Keep in mind, at the time, this would mean I would have to wait over a month to receive it. So, I politely asked for a refund and thus wished to have my order cancelled completely. They told me I would get my money back in two to three days.
Here I am, march 14th, still no refund. I’ve contacted their support email three times, to which they have replied once, only to tell me they will give me a refund.
Contacted the chat again several times, only for them to keep telling me to wait.
They are also very rude and not helpful at all. For the most part, they always try to send me this copy-paste nonsense basically telling me to go cry to their support email, even though i’ve already told them i’ve done that. They just don’t want to deal with their customers. Throughout these conversations, i’ve noticed they also keep leaving the chat and then i’m left with someone brand new every few minutes, and then I have to re-explain everything. This is horrible customer service and this is so ridiculous. I just want my money back.
I should have gotten screenshots from the chat today. I was chatting with support a few minutes ago and the person I was speaking to just repeatedly kept saying “please just wait” “contact your bank, okay” “just contact paypal, okay”
No, i’m not making this up.
This is completely unacceptable. I just want a freaking refund!!!

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