Lil Xan Is Sober, Out of Rehab, and Was Possibly “Detained” by the Police in Palm Springs, California


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Two weeks after Lil Xan was admitted to rehab due to his struggle with “a lot of opioids,” Lil Xan is out and sober. He took to Twitter to share the good news on Friday, but it was short lived because the police allegedly “detained” him yesterday.

The “Betrayed” rapper posted a video of the incident on his Instagram and alleged the police approached him and his friends “with hands on there [sic] guns asking me to put my hands where i can see them and i did.” Xan added, “Detained for no reason and these cops profiled me for the way i look.”

In the video, you can see Xan talking to the camera and asking the police if he’s being detained. The cop, whose face you can’t see, said, “We’re just asking you some questions.” Xan then responded, “I’m being detained, basically. He didn’t want to say it. I’m being detained for playing loud music at my Airbnb.”

Xan and the officer had a back-and-forth conversation, and the officer said, “Let’s not make this a big deal.” Then Xan added, “The only difference is y’all have guns and we don’t…Y’all have the thing to kill me.”

Xan didn’t post the rest of the incident on his Instagram, but he did share a screenshot of what appears to be a text message from an unidentified sender. The message said:

“After speaking with you, the city of Palm Springs, the police department, and Airbnb, we have decided it is best that your group vacate the home within the hour. Several violations were broken, and after talking with the city and the police it was apparent that your group had no intention of stopping the disruptive behavior.”

Before checking into his Airbnb, Xan reportedly only left rehab for a day to sign paperwork for a new house in Redlands, California, which is where he’ll live after he finishes treatment. Redlands is only a 45 minute drive from Palm Springs, so he could’ve been staying there while finalizing the paperwork. As of now, Xan seems to be back in rehab, according to TMZ.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse or addiction, call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s 24-hour treatment referral hotline at 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit for free and confidential help. In the case of a medical emergency, call 9-1-1.

When to Say I Love You – 16 Signs He’s Ready to Say I Love You

Real talk? Sometimes saying “I love you” can be the scariest, most daunting part of a relationship. With all the anxiety that comes with dating, in general, you’d think we’d have a strict formula by now to help make this step easier, like: Say [blank] when [blank], after [blank] many months. (Honestly, if anyone has figured out this ‘When to Say I Love You’ algorithm, LMK.)

In the meantime, it seems like guys are just winging it. Some have said those three little words to their girlfriends after a week, and others have yet to say it… at all. We’ll let these men explain it for themselves, but IMO? Don’t @me for spitting cliches, but it really comes down to: when you know, you know.

  1. “My ex-girlfriend and I were best friends. The sex was great, we helped each other grow as people, and we were a great team together. Once I realized that nobody was gonna get me like she did, loving her was the easiest thing in the world, which is when I knew it was the right time to say it.” —Josef G., 27
                1. 2. “When enough time goes by, and no matter how irritated she can make me, I still can’t help but smile.” —Kit O., 29

                  3. “Honestly, there’s no way to know unless you know. Most of the time you are just guessing. I’ve said it once before, and I meant it from top to bottom. You’re usually scared to say it, but when you know it really means something, you go ahead and say it anyway.” —Christian S., 25

                  4. “I feel like ‘I love you’ is overused, so it takes some time for me to say it even if I do have those feelings toward them. If I were going to give it a specific length of time, I’d say typically four to five months, unless she says it first.” —Alex Z., 28

                  5. I don’t know if I have any kind of rule; I’ve been in year-long relationships where I never said it. I’ve said it a month in, three months in. It’s just when I’m feeling it. Usually when I still have butterflies when I see her, and we’re both starting to talk about meeting each other’s parents. That’s usually when I can tell this is getting serious.” — Tom, 27

                  6.I don’t say it before a month, no matter how much I like them. I feel like it scares them off.” — Luke, 28

                  7. I said it after a week to the woman I wound up marrying. Looking back on past relationships, I was probably always quick to say ‘I love you,’ but I was crazy about my wife from the moment I met her.”— Ian, 26

                  8. “I never say it. Ever. I take it very seriously, and it’s not something I want to just say to anyone. I don’t throw that word around. I want to mean it when I tell my future wife I love her. I don’t think many people I know realize I take it this seriously, but I do. I don’t want to cheapen the phrase.” — Russell, 29

                  9. “Probably on average… and this is me doing my best to average it out just thinking back… but around six months or so? To be completely honest, that’s just when I feel obligated to say it.”— Anthony, 28

                  10. “I think I know if this is going to be a long-term relationship within a month or two, which is usually when I’m read to say, ‘I love you.’ But I wait until a good moment. I don’t just like, fire off a Snap the second it dawns on me. I want it to be romantic.” — Cody, 26

                  11. “I’ve said ‘I love you’ to two of my girlfriends and I married one of them. In both cases, it was probably closer to the one year mark, but definitely before our one year anniversary.” — Jay, 29

                  12. “I have a problem. I fall in love with like, everyone. There has been more than one occasion where I was drunk and my friends had to take my phone away because I was about to tell a girl I hooked up with like, once that I loved her.” — Ethan, 25

                  13. “It’s funny. I’ve said it to someone after a few weeks, and that relationship wound up being a train wreck. The woman I’m with now, she and I took it very slow. It was months and months before we said it. And things have been going so great. And that’s not to say falling in love fast is bad, just that falling in love slowly is perfectly fine.” Joey, 26

                  14. “It was actually a bit of a… a point of contention with my current girlfriend. She said fairly early on. She probably said ‘I love you’ at around three months. And it wasn’t that I didn’t care about her deeply at the time, but… I just didn’t feel comfortable saying it. It took me awhile to get there. But it came up, and I felt pressured. I didn’t like the idea of saying it because she wanted me to. I eventually did say it, but on my terms.” — Brett, 28

                  15. “I think six months is kind of the epicenter of saying, ‘I love you.’ That’s a very reasonable time to say it. And I think the further away you get from six months in either direction, like either too early or too late, it starts to get a little odd.— Steven, 27

                  16. “I want to say usually between like, five-nine months. I’ve had maybe eight serious relationships where saying ‘I love you’ was even on the table. And that window for me definitely wasn’t an exact science. Sometimes I felt like I was there more quickly than other times. — Dennis, 29

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          Royal Family Feud Details – Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Relationship

          The royal rumor mill has recently been ablaze with speculation that the Sussexes (Meghan and Harry) and the Cambridges (Kate and William) aren’t getting along. I know what you’re probably thinking: “But wait, aren’t Meghan and Kate besties?” Honestly, it’s hard to make sense of the whole situation and the Queen refuses to spill any tea (har, har—had to). Watch the video above to get a little clarity.

          ‘Riverdale’ Star Lili Reinhart Announces a Twitter Break Because of “Hate”

          2018 MTV Movie And TV Awards - Red Carpet

          Getty ImagesEmma McIntyre

          Today, Lili Reinhart announced that she’s taking a break from the “cesspool” that is Twitter because of the toxic comments and negativity she’s faced on the platform. She announced the break via her Instagram Stories.

          “Do people on Twitter ever get tired of being so negative and disrespectful to literally everyone and everything? Are they really that miserable?” she wrote in the first series of messages.


          Instagram @LiliReinhart

          “There’s hate everywhere, but especially on Twitter. It’s like a cesspool for evil 15-year-olds who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about and have nothing better to do,” she continued.


          Instagram @LiliReinhart

          “Taking a break from that toxic site and the people on it who feel the need to constantly attack me, my cast mates, my relationship, and Riverdale.”


          Instagram @LiliReinhart

          “Hate to break it to you online trolls: spreading your hate and overall negativity online won’t make you any less miserable.”


          Instagram @LiliReinhart

          Although she doesn’t specify what prompted her to take the break, there was some activity this weekend between her cast mates and a hater on Twitter. Elijah Daniel, a YouTuber, tweeted this pretty unnecessary critique of the show.

          To which KJ Apa responded with this absolute zinger:

          Ashleigh Murray added these tweets to the conversation, subtly calling him out for racism:

          And then here’s Cole Sprouse, who’s definitely over it:

          Sums it up nicely, TBH. Lili’s break is even less surprising if you recall that in October she jumped to the defense of friend and costar Shannon Purser when people attacked her for kissing Cole’s character on the show. She was quick to point out how ridiculous it is to be mean to someone for something another person wrote in a script. So yeah, after all of that you’d probably cash out too if you were her.

          Either way, hoping she makes her return to the platform v soon so she can keep dropping truth bombs such as these:

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          Taurus Man Personality Traits, Love Compatibility, and Dating Advice


          Birthday: April 21-May 20

          Type: Fixed earth sign

          Key words: Reliable, relaxed, pragmatic, sensual, romantic

          Love anthem: “Drunk in Love” by Beyoncé

          Famous Taurus men: Noah Centineo, Travis Scott, Rami Malek, George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, David Beckham

          Best matches:

          Virgo and Capricorn will love Taurus for how dependable, practical, and hardworking he is, and his prowess in the bedroom is a major plus! Being like-minded earth elements, physical sensations and real-world displays of affection mean a lot to these signs.

          Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac, and, being a fixed earth sign, he’s typically more introverted, stubborn, and realistic compared to the other signs. Life with this type is low-key and laid back–don’t expect much PDA or gushy emotions, either. But the flip side is Taurus is one of the most loyal signs–he really has your back, and reassures you of his affection through actions, not words. He’s not one for surprises, but he more than makes up for it with his remarkable reliability!

          His sign’s fixed nature means he lives life slow and steady—you won’t get far with Taurus unless he’s seriously into you, and he knows you feel the same towards him. Because he wants a relationship with lasting value, it might be months of texting back and forth before he finally asks to be exclusive, but when that commitment is made, he’s fully in it.

          His tendency to be so unchanging comes from being ruled by Venus, which is all about union and harmony. Taurus’ behavior honors this by never pushing his agenda onto you. This sort of gentle, easygoing personality contributes to why Taurus is so soothing to be around. He hates to disturb the status-quo of your relationship, so you never have to worry about any unexpected upsets coming from your Taurus man!

          There’s a certain softness that Taurus men have about them that you won’t get from any other sign.

          The combo of an earth sign being ruled by the planet of romance and pleasure means he cares less about the ideas of love or beauty and more about tangible sensations and displays of affection. He is ruled by his senses–he’s going to look good, smell nice, speak calmly, and have great taste. Everything about him is pleasant, and there’s a certain softness that Taurus men have about them, thanks to their Venusian sensibilities, that you won’t get from any other sign.

          When it comes to the physical side of the relationship, you’re in for a treat. Because Taurus is so naturally sensual and slow-paced, you can expect a LOT of foreplay. Sex is always a long process with him, but you’re never left bored or unsatisfied. His tendency to be particular and love routines means you might have the same go-to moves in bed, but because of his commitment to getting you both off, you don’t mind the predictability of a guaranteed orgasm.

          Now for the catch: Because Taurus is so passive and gentle, his reluctance to step on anyone’s toes mean that the relationship can sometimes feel stagnant. He’s content to take the backseat and let you steer things in the direction you want, but that means you have to make most of the plans, which can easily translate into doing most of the work in the relationship. If it were all up to him, the two of you would spend every night together watching Netflix and going to bed by 10 PM.

          His legendary stubbornness is also a huge problem. Nine times out of 10, he’ll follow you to whatever restaurant or party you picked, but as soon as you ask him to budge a single centimeter outside of his comfort zone, watch out! Honoring his Venusian gentleness, he will resist and refuse with all of his might in the most frustratingly passive-aggressive ways possible. He rarely throws a fit, but you’ll end up wishing for that sometimes just to get more directness from him.

          He’s incredibly picky and wouldn’t be with you if he didn’t really, really like you.

          If you want to make it work with a Taurus, you have to KISS: Keep it simple, stupid! He needs things to be orderly and easy to process. If you have a commitment with him, don’t forget about it—he highly prioritizes his schedule, so if you’re a part of it, you better show up. He’s not flexible, but you don’t have to be either. As long as communication is open and you ask him plenty of thoughtful questions, you’ll both be on the same page and most of the speed bumps in your relationship will be avoided.

          Your Taurus boy toy is incredibly picky and wouldn’t be with you if he didn’t really, really like you, so you can go into the relationship with full confidence. He’s a simple man with simple needs. He might not be the most spontaneous, and he’s not going to be an eager participant in every activity you plan, but hey, at least he’s consistent!

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          Why Offset’s Grand Gesture Onstage at Cardi B’s Concert Was Messed Up

          Rolling Loud Los Angeles 2018

          Getty ImagesScott Dudelson

          Throughout the history of modern dating and relationships, the power and significance of a “romantic grand gesture” has been pounded into the heads of women in books, rom-coms, and basically every medium in which love stories are told. Guy meets girl, guy messes up, guy does over-the-top thing to win girl back, and girl decides to forgive. You know the drill.

          But I’m tired of that narrative. It’s bullshit. Just because Offset carted 2,000 roses onstage this weekend during Cardi B’s performance doesn’t mean she should take him back. He cheated, remember? But even beyond his original transgression, I’m pissed about his public display—Cardi should be, too. And it looks like she is. As you can see in the video, Cardi looked genuinely taken aback—and mad—when Offset hopped on stage.

          Here’s why she’s right to be angry. Offset’s attempt at a grand gesture is actually just plain manipulative. By surprising her onstage while she was trying to do her job, he not only disrespected her, but every person in the audience who paid to see her perform. Imagine if your ex walked into your office to urge you to take him/her back in front of all your coworkers? You’d probably be 1) humiliated and 2) really angry. It’d be an act designed to catch you off guard, sweep you off your feet, and make you question your original decision to dump his ass—all disguised as romance.

          There seems to be a recurring theme of men brazenly interrupting the accomplishments of women. Remember when that guy went viral for proposing in the middle of his girlfriend’s first marathon? Twitter was not pleased. Or when that other guy got tons of internet hate for proposing on the day of his girlfriend’s graduation? Offset just added another chapter to the book of men who encroached on women’s space, who couldn’t wait just ONE second. What’s worse about Offset’s move, of course, is that he stole Cardi’s spotlight to demand forgiveness.

          It’d be an act designed to make you question your logic—disguised as romance.

          In case Offset’s recent social media hadn’t already you tipped you off, his actions this weekend pretty much confirm that he’s unwilling to accept his role in the downfall of his relationship with Cardi. A source told Us Weekly that Offset is “bothered” she won’t take him back, as if he’s entitled to her forgiveness.

          And that’s what peeves me the most. If you fuck up by, say, cheating on someone you’re married to, take some time to reflect on your own actions instead of humiliating the woman you love in front of a crowd. Sit down, shut up, and think about how you got here in the first place. Cardi takes her career seriously. No one, not even the father of her child, is allowed to demand she pause what she’s doing and give him another chance at that exact second.

          Please remember you get to define the terms of your forgiveness, your love, and most importantly, your hard-earned stage time. Two thousand roses, be damned.

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          Watch The Hills Episodes Here

          Fans of MTV’s The Hills, the show that blessed the world the single mascara tear, “You know what you did,” and Speidi, will get to catch up with their faves when the reboot finally airs in 2019. There’s no premiere date yet, but the new season is already shaping up to be a thrilling one (hands up if you’re ready for Mischa Barton to share screen time with Heidi and Spencer).

          If you don’t already own The Hills on DVD, get ready to binge.

          Whether you’re a longtime fan who can recap every single episode down to the side eye, a casual fan who stopped watching after Lauren Conrad left, or a newbie who finally wants to join the party, MTV’s got you covered. Right now, all six seasons of The Hills are streaming on with a cable login and the MTV app (also requiring a cable login), if you want to spruce up your commute. All six seasons also live on Amazon Prime Video.

          (FYI, in 2016, The Hills was available to stream on Hulu ahead of the show’s 10th anniversary special, so fingers crossed this will happen again.)

          First time you’re hearing about the reboot? Not to worry.

          In August, MTV dropped a teaser trailer with some returning cast members (Speidi, Audrina Patridge, Justin Bobby, to name a few) during the VMAs. There was a cute red carpet reunion featuring one of the show’s newest cast members, Gunner Stone, son of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. In fact, get ready to see lots of babies on the reboot, including Delilah (Jason Wahler’s daughter) and Kirra (Audrina’s daughter).

          FYI, you won’t see Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari.

          At the time of the reboot announcement, PEOPLE reported that Lauren was “in a different place in her life” and had a busy schedule (her Kohl’s line, website, and a nonprofit), while Kristin was unable to break her contract with E!, home of her own show, Very Cavallari.

          Yes, Mischa Barton will be joining the party.

          The former O.C. star isn’t the only new face on The Hills. There’s also Kyle Massey (Cory from That’s So Raven and Cory in the House), Brandon Thomas Lee (son of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee), and bloggers whose identities remain a mystery.

          So, when is the reboot coming back?

          We’ll update you with the exact date and time so you can plan accordingly for your viewing party. Just know that 2019 is going to rule.

          Interview with Family and Friends of Sarah Papenheim, the American Student Murdered in the Netherlands

          A few days before Sarah Papenheim, 21, was stabbed to death in her apartment in Rotterdam, Holland, she was texting friends back home in Minneapolis. She said she was excited to come back for Christmas and that she had finally saved enough money to buy a drum kit.

          But on Wednesday, Dec. 12, Sarah was found in a “bath of blood,” her mother Donee Odegard told Fox 9. Shortly after her body was discovered, a 23-year-old male suspect was arrested.

          On Dec. 6, Sarah messaged her friend Adam Pryor, 19, who lives in Wisconsin, and wrote that she feared her roommate: “My roommate told me he’s gonna kill 3 people. So I’m gonna have to go to the police,” Sarah said in an online conversation Pryor shared with Cosmopolitan. But he doesn’t know if she ever did. “It was obviously a startling text,” he says. “But I last spoke to her on Monday. It was the same old Sarah.” Dutch authorities, however, have not confirmed who the suspect is.

          In interviews with Cosmopolitan, Sarah’s friends and family expressed shock and disbelief. “Her heart was so full of love and compassion, she would help anyone in need even if it put her in uncomfortable situations,” says her cousin Magdalena Schmeling, 24.

          When I was visiting Sarah in Minnesota and I walked into a building with her, it was as if I was walking in with a celebrity. Everyone wanted to talk to her.

          “She was an incredible person,” says her Dutch boyfriend Nico Karsmeijer. “She meant everything to me and I loved her more than anything.”

          After her older brother Josh died by suicide at 20 in 2016, per news reports, Sarah enrolled in the Erasmus University in Rotterdam to study psychology with an emphasis on suicide. “Instead of letting the pain consume her, she decided to better understand and help people with mental illness,” says Schmeling. “My aunt has now lost both of her children and my heart is crushed knowing there is nothing I can do to bring her children back.”

          “She told her mom she wanted to go somewhere where she could study psychology and work with people with mental health issues so they wouldn’t harm themselves or anyone else,” says Bernard Allison, 53, a well-known blues musician who became Sarah’s friend and a musical mentor. “That’s just the kind of girl she was. She left to get away, to have a clear mind, to focus on herself, and to get an education.”

          Now, Sarah’s death has left friends and family across the world, from Istanbul to Arizona, in shock and disbelief as they remember a young woman known for her “Ronald McDonald” smile and whose bubbly personality shone even in her Instagram handle: @Happy_Paps.

          She was so much more than can fit into words. Lively, bubbly, always positive. I never saw her frown.

          Sarah was an accomplished blues drummer. In her teenage years, she played in weekly jam sessions at venues around Redding, California, where she graduated high school, and Minneapolis. That’s where she met Allison, and gained fans like The Time drummer Jellybean Johnson, known for collaborating with Prince. Friends and family remember that she stood out not just for her skills but also because she was the only female drummer on the scene.

          “To see this young girl up there who wants to learn the blues, that is just not common,” says Bernard Allison. “The first time we played together, I was just so happy to see a young female up there. I got goosebumps.”

          “It was absolutely incredible what she was capable of,” says her friend Trevis Forslund, 21, of Minneapolis. He says they would play together regularly when she was in town. “Guys would get up there and give her grief but she would hold her own.” In one instance, Forslund remembers one older man tried to get into her set. “He was telling her what to do, where to hit and what not, and she would not have it. She gave him this glare and he walked right off the stage. Everyone laughed at it. But she didn’t stop. She didn’t miss a single beat. She wasn’t even looking at the drum kit. She was just looking at this guy, getting in his face. That chick was a spitfire.”

          Her popularity was obvious, says her cousin, Schmeling. “When I was visiting Sarah in Minnesota and I walked into a building with her, it was as if I was walking in with a celebrity. Everyone wanted to talk to her. As soon as she walked on stage, everyone could see how comfortable she was up there and how passionate she was about music.”

          But it wasn’t until January 2017 that Sarah got her first taste of playing to a larger audience. Allison and his band were touring Europe and Sarah traveled from Rotterdam to Germany with her boyfriend, Karsmeijer, to see the show. It was her 20th birthday. As soon as she walked in the door, Allison spotted her. He then brought her up on stage, he says. The crowd sang Happy Birthday to her and she joined the band for a rendition of “Sweet Home, Chicago.”

          After the show, Sarah and Karsmeijer hung out with the band a bit more before heading back to Rotterdam. “She updated us on her life and said she was saving up to buy a drum kit,” says Allison. “I just spoke with her last week. She was so excited to come home for Christmas. She said, ‘I actually saved enough money. I got my first drum kit.'”

          Sarah was also dedicated to her education, says Adam Pryor. “I’d never seen anyone who worked that hard or long,” he says. “She had so little free time because she was going to school full-time and working full-time. She was paying for everything herself. It was one of the biggest things that impressed me about her.”

          But even with a packed schedule, Sarah found a close circle of friends abroad. “She was so much more than can fit into words,” says fellow Erasmus student Aleyna Topoglu, 20, of Istanbul. “Lively, bubbly, always positive. I never saw her frown. The moment we met, she acted like we knew each other for a long time.”

          Now, Dutch authorities hold the alleged killer in custody, and Sarah’s mother is in Holland, waiting to bring her daughter’s body home. Schmeling launched a GoFundMe campaign to help ease the financial burden. “Sarah just wanted to spread her love to everyone,” Schmeling says. “And she did.”

          Video of Police at JWoww and Roger Mathews’ Home- JWoww Files Restraining Order Against Husband Roger Matthews

          Last Thursday, Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley got a restraining order against her husband Roger Mathews after a heated verbal altercation. At the time, Mathews said the incident stemmed from them arguing about Farley going back to work and Farley “hysterically shouting” at him. Now, TMZ reports that Farley allegedly accused Mathews of harassing her, and footage of the moment the police showed up to their house has been released.

          The video is from surveillance cameras in the couple’s home, which was released by Farley’s costar Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, and it looks so intense. In it, you can see and hear Farley tell the police, “I don’t want to do that to him [Mathews]. He should be allowed to see them…He’s not a bad dad.” Farley was likely talking about allowing Mathews to still see his children even after she filed a restraining order against him. The cops then told her that if she wants him to be able to see his children, she’d have to ask the judge to amend the order of protection.

          After news of the restraining order broke, Polizzi alleged, “Unfortunately she [Farley] was being taunted and baited & this was the result.” According to TMZ, Farley had told the police that Mathews was “harassing her by filming her without consent.” Mathews reportedly admitted to recording her on his phone because his lawyers told him it would be a good idea, but didn’t call it harassment.

          Mathews hasn’t released his recordings, but he did share a photo of him reunited with one of their kids, 2-year-old Greyson Valor, over the weekend.