Kassandra Crisp — Rochelle, Illinois


Watch out for this looney baby sitter/ childrens teacher. She went after my guy for a little over a year. When it started i was pregnant and me and my guy still lived together in same town as this trash slut. I didnt know about her until me and my guys seperation 1 year later. She sickens me how she didnt care at all she went after my guy while she had a guy and he lived eith her nor about the hurt i felt none my feelings. She is the daughter to the mother who ran a home daycare. She would flirt with my kids dad and would randomly give our kid clothes. Our child has a ton of clothes and was not in need we take care of our kid. Just a little fyi slut. She then lead on and went after my kids dad when were physically seperated no longer living together. All the while her guy still lived with her at her mothers. She even came to my kids dads home with a birthday cake for my kid. He must of lied and told this chic his kids mom so horrid she didnt get her kid one. As why go to his house on the random which is a personal visit soo not professionl and even to think that guys kid didnt have a cake! So one day when that guy had his kods mom go to a pumpkin patch how convenient she jist happened to be there his lying ass plays he didnt know. And both are liars who had been seeing each other in 2016 and she tried hard to show she interested in him and has the nerve to use the guys kids moms nickname for their child to the kids mom. She never told her so he and kassandra are cheaters. So he got back with his kids mom in 2016 even though they stopped living together and been together also in 2017.

This must have really hurt her as she tried to commit suicide. That guys mom didnt put it together until then. Yep. So after this pyscho cheating slut went after someone i have made 10 years with and a family with she tried to make him feel guilty for choosing his kids mom and kassandra was in love with him. And he fell back in love with his kids mom in 2016 and again mentioned in 2017. Yep that guys kids mom snatched him right back but she was not really completely aware of what went on. However she told him if she around their kid shed press charges for endangerment. She has no business working with children shes mentally ill and disturbed that she did try to commit suicide in 2017. Wtf would make her think she can go to his house? She has noo shame that bitch met the mom like i said and even saw pictures up around his house as well as him showing her a picture. So she was aware he taken. She tried to lead him on to fall for her then tells him she dont want to be serious. She also made some comment that she choosing her ex who she lied to him is not an ex but the guy she been having living at her moms with her. So her suicide stunt happened a year after that. So she basicly changed her mind and wanted him back in 2017. This bitch was trying to go back and forth. Im here to say her husband needs to file for divorce. I didnt appreciate her behavior. Once a cheater always for most people. So his lying ass says she moved out of state. Really that why she now works at rochelle grade school. He said he dont want her as shes a leetch and didnt work.

He doesnt want that and shes ugly hes not attracted to her. Haa and shes pyscho. As well as admitting to mention of his kids mom to her. This evil bitch went after him during a very rough time for that guys kid and the woman this b did this to. One day this b have karma back. She tried to act like she replacing that guys kids Mom by using the nickname that the mom uses but only ever did the mom use in private. That is part of how the mom knew this bitch was seeing him behind her back. It wasnt all of how. So my point this kassandra krisp is a cruel evil bitch who tried to verbally and psycally show the kids mom she was replacing her during a seperation the mom had legally from the kid. Kassandra deserves to loose her rights as a mom and have a slut like her do that to her right back. Stupid bitch im not even half done with you for that! Shes so dumb and poor March 22 2018 at 5:18 p.m., Rochelle police cited Kassandra Crisp, 26, of Rochelle, for operating an uninsured vehicle. She posted a promise to comply. She so pyscho she wore same color outfits and took same type of photos with her guy and kid as i had with my kids dad and our kid. Talk about werid pyscho this girl is! And at least now i know your age too. 26 you are a little girl darlin. Continuing on, she even went to same places as us. Even at some of same pumpkin patch at same time i was there. Even showed up at grocery store same time and went in aisle we were in. She really needs to stay away before i send more contact to her guy. As why hasnt she told him in 2017 if she didnt want to loose him? Obviously she afraid of loosing him that she kept it from him. Or maybe that’s why the slut tried to commit suicide haa.

I remember back then texting my kids dad saying good. Hope she dies. Haa. And if my kid at her home daycare ill beat her ass. Oh yeah i drove by during day to see her taking my kid out on the town. Thats highly inappropiate. I bet she was playing she his mom to others. After all her kid somewhat resembles mine and she was looking to replace me. She wanted my life dude shes really werid. Not only that but to be me. Obviously because she wanted my guy. Fyi stop going to the house! You dont know when ill be around and neither would he at times. You went after a guy who battered the women he dated for 9 years and he dramed her. Your a fuckin stupid b provoking her. Hope you do see this online and in shock that my girls and I know as well as where you live and more. Oh and hes not single as thats not what he tellin his kids mom. He been beggin for her and sayin he want to marry her and shes the only 1. Girl u do it again you see how fast bullets be flyin when your caught. As if you even had a chance. Hes a user and your stupid. He uses chics and throws em away. Especially about his kids. Bet it did hurt why you tried to kill yourself. Good then next time dont go after my guy!

Beth Brulport — Cincinnati, Ohio


I dated Beth Brulport for about 15 months, one night she passed out drunk on the couch, which was not an uncommon occurrence. Her phone kept blowing up with text messages. I looked to see who was texting her and it was some guy sexting her, I looked at the rest of her messages and I found 7 or 8 other guys she had been talking to, three of the guys she had been sexting rather graphically and for a long time. I went through the messages as she laid on the couch passed out drunk listening to her fart and read her messages for the next two hours. This is what I found.

  • Beth bragged to friends at the very start of our relationship that she intended to keep seeing this guy who is nearly 60 years old who was newly married and had a long history of living the swinging lifestyle.
  • Beth did continue sexting this guy on a daily basis for a year. • While Beth was telling me I was the love of her life, she wanted to marry me, she was telling her swinging lover that she wished she could have him.
  • Beth talked to her swinger lover about all the intimate details of our relationship. Including making fun of me.
  • Beth told me she wanted to marry me and 5 minutes later text a different guy, a guy 27 years younger to make arrangements for him to come over and fuck her that night. He did come over that evening and they had sex.
  • I found old text messages in Beths phone, from before I met her where she had relationships with three different married men while living with her boyfriend of 10 years.
  • Beth would sext these married men literally all day.
  • Beth was involved with two married men at the same time, yes, while living with her boyfriend of 10 years.
  • Beth would text her boyfriend that she “loved him” and minutes later sext her married lover.
  • Beth would sext the exact same things at the exact same time with two married men.
  • Beth would talk to friends about how she could get away with cheating on me without me finding out.
  • I often would find Beths behavior to be odd, she would disappear for 3-4 hours, or just stop texting. When I would question her and she would go crazy on me. I found out by reading her text messages, she disappeared because of her relationships with these other men.
  • When I did question Beth on her behavior and it would lead to world war III, my concerns were real, this did not stop Beth from telling her friends I was psycho, even though she knew she disappeared because she was cheating.
  • Beth would take videos of her masturbating and send them to the guys she was cheating with. But then she would send it to me, claiming it was special for me.
  • Every time I had concerns with her behavior, I found from reading her messages, my concerns were legitimate, that did not stop Beth from going psycho on me for even suspecting she was doing anything. I have never met anyone who was more dishonest, more malicious, more manipulative and had absolutely no remorse than Beth Brulport.

I just provided the highlights of Beths actions, she is a scary person, and she does a good job of making you feel she genuinely cares, I personally do not think she is capable of caring. She matches perfectly with a sociopath personality.

Beware of Mark Honn — Aurora, Illinois


Beware! Mark A. Honn of Aurora, Illinois is a narcissistic con-artist who is a married monster with children. He is a maintenance man who slithers around looking for prey. He will tell you he is a ‘chief engineer’ but in reality he is a glorified janitor who spends much of his time knee-deep in raw sewage and feces – which is where he belongs. Do not believe his All-American/Captain America act. He is convincingly nice, but it is just a con who no one should believe. The nice guy is a front he uses so that no one will believe the monster that is underneath – part of the act is that he’s always a VICTIM. He is a raging alcoholic, a degenerate gambler, not to mention he has a bad haircut. He is an uneducated college dropout who had to join the military. He probably didn’t even succeed there. He tells everyone his wife made him quit the military – and he hates her for that. Who knows what the real story is. Mark was fired from one of his many jobs for sexting over 1,000 pages of smut with the office whore who we will call Woman#1. He called her ‘Bonita’ and she called him ‘Guapo’, they spent all day sexting and didn’t do any work. He got fired for sexting – copies of the sexts were found on Woman#1’s computer after she got canned. Mark begged for mercy and told the boss the reason he is an idiot was because he had a bad marriage.

Nope dude, you are just a loser. They regularly hooked up at the Red Roof Inn in Naperville, Illinois. Mark told anyone that would listen that he had a bad marriage and it was ‘his fault’ because he married a woman he never loved. Boo hoo, poor Mark. “Poor Mark” syndrome was born. He complained that he made $100k per year. His wife managed the money and gave all his money to his wife. The wife gave all the extra money to her family and Poor Mark only received a $20/week allowance (but apparently enough for a flea bag hotel). Poor Mark’s house was going to get foreclosed on! Boo hoo. Enter Woman#2. She thinks he is amazing and wonderful. She wants to help “Poor Mark” with his pathetic life and situation. Mark is more than happy to entertain his next victim. Once he is fired for sexting with Woman#1, he told Woman#2 he was wronged by the company and this was all false and misconstrued. Woman #2 defended him to any and all . . . and he let her (much to her later embarrassment). Woman#2 is convinced the hero is being mistreated and proceeds to help him in every way she can. Mark senses this opportunity to con his next victim, which is a game to him. He’s always trying to top himself on the next available con. He tells Woman#2 that if he does handyman work at her home, he could convince his wife this was legit if she paid him $200/week. Woman#2 will do anything to help the hero escape from his ‘misery’ and proceeds to give him side work, and over $1000/mo since he wasn’t working and had family to feed. In addition to all the money, with love she gives him time away from his ‘horrible’ home life, unlimited expensive booze, cigarettes, home-cooked meals, sex, movies, lottery tickets, lunch money, gift cards, pocket money and anything else he might possibly need.

She even went online and paid all his unpaid parking tickets so his car didn’t get towed. About a year into the “Save Mark” campaign, he admits to Woman#2 that he really did have an affair with Woman#1 (the office whore). Poor Mark said it was the second biggest mistake of his life – can you imagine what that list looks like? Even though her heart is broken, Woman#2 regretfully still loves this loser, as he manipulated her into thinking this was acceptable. This goes on for 1.5 years and during this time he spends all his free time with Woman#2 and ZERO time with his children, yet raves about what a great father he is. She continues to wait for him to make a true commitment to her but it never came. He was mean and verbally abusive one day and Woman #2 finally realizes it is time to cut this swindler loose. Poor Mark is pissed. Woman #2’s heart is broken. Mark waits a few weeks and with extremely cruel intent, tells Woman #2 he wants to come over. Woman#2 thinks he must miss her and love her. She could only hope. But of course Mark is a hustler, and he tells her exactly what she wants to hear in an attempt to keep her hooked. He tells her he is getting divorced and will have a lot of free time. Mark has even calculated the 32% child support he will have to pay. Woman#2 is thrilled and of course falls for his lies and says she will support him 100%. Make no mistake, he is a con-artist and doesn’t love you. He isn’t capable. So Poor Mark left with the loot and her heart. On to his next victim. I cannot stress enough how you should steer clear of this plague of a person. He is like a succubus and, like a bad alien movie, will suck all your resources dry.

Theresa Lombardo — Verona, Pennsylvania


Major pot head, party girl had fun driving around all night with a married man. Having sex in his car, coke, smoking and drinking and driving around all night. Lost lots of friends because he was married. Has zero morals, would bring him around when roommate who didn’t want married Man around was at work or he would leave when she got home. Doesn’t care she broke up a family and made his son look at him with disrespect and forever change his life. Frequent locals bars every night, Mikes wife bar, Oakmont tavern, Churchill haus, Carla tavern and carnivores. Husband ended up beating up wife when confronted about the affair but she was right by his side when he was in cuffs, then driving him around for his night “job” and then getting hotels bc no one wanted them around. All you hear are excuses and nothing to show any morals or choices that were made. Lies and bullshit is all you’ll hear. They always go down when they cheat, this one was taken many levels down to the basement. Stained crooked yellow teeth from smoking, no direction but she won. She won the narcissist jackpot for the next decade of nightmare. Good luck supporting his ass.

Rachel Scroggins — Fairbanks, Alaska


This flea bag will has been sleeping with married men out at her job. She’s a trashy slut that doesn’t care if she’s ruining kids lives or anybody else’s. If she ever speaks to your man, you can bet she’s gonna try to sleep with him. She was fucking 4 men at one time! This acne riddled hoe cheated on her own husband and messed up her life, now she’s out to ruin everyone else’s, watch out for her!

Shannon Decair Rhoades — Woodbury, Minnesota


This “woman” left her husband of 28 years, and starting sleeping with a married man. They worked together, she was fired from that job and he left his poor wife and moved in with her, both of them still married! He had 14 affairs on his beautiful wife, poor woman, and they both ruined two families…she is clearly a self-centered, cheating whore and grandmother?! Her boyfriend walked out on his family and is still married even though they’ve been together more than 4 years?! These two selfish horrible individuals deserve each other!!?

Kori Lewis — Las Vegas, Nevada


This failure at life hits on every guy that’s even nice to her, because she has such a need for attention. She has no regard for the wife, girlfriend or even kids she hurts in the process. She is so ugly and terrible in the sack that many guys that have fallen into the trap while drunk, are disgusted with the troll they hooked up with the next day. She needs some straight karma to come around and teach her a lesson.

Patricia Claire Butrim — Arnold, Maryland


This is a home wrecker who sells protein powder for a living. Her self esteem is so low she actively pursued my partner and waited till they were wasted to pounce. She didnt even care that they didnt want to see her anymore she pretended to care about them and how guilty they felt about cheating in order to sleep with them again. When confronted, this girl is a coward who runs away from her problems. This is the kind of girl who nobody would be proud to take home to meet their parents.

Stupid, desperate, ex, deludes herself Violeta Vukosavljevic wasn’t dumped — Toronto, Canada


Violeta, when the man you lived with for ten years begs and pleads with you to move out for an entire year and then forces you out of his house, take the hint that he no longer loves you like he once did, the relationship is over but for the crying, you are no longer his girlfriend and move on. That is how mature, self confident, people handle such life events. He kicked you out in May 2015 and had cheated on you with Carol Barrett, you know her and you knew he was having an affair with her the entire time you were with him. You knew but your lack of self esteem made you delude yourself that you were not seeing what your eyes were seeing. You can read all about Carol Barrett by searching her name on this site. He was having an affair with Linda Borrie from Hamilton.

You can read all about that by searching her name on this site. And he was having an affair with Pam Bell, who also calls herself Leah Belmis, which you are also aware of. Now he is living with another woman which you are aware of. He goes home every night to her. They are seen together around town and at various functions and events together, holding hands, kissing, shopping, grabbing a bite to eat. It is no secret he is living with her and you know she is sleeping in his bed and that they are a couple because you never go over to his house since he kicked you out in May 2015 and she moved in. So you can stop pretending you are his girlfriend because we all know he dumped you. If you are still his girlfriend then why don’t you ever go to his house anymore? We follow her Facebook where there are posts of her and him together as a couple at the house. You can drop the act. You got dumped. He dumped you after cheating on you the entire time you were together.

Pick up what is left of your self respect and move on instead of continuing to look like a desperate old maid. Stop guilting him into helping you with household issues and find yourself a man who actually wants to spend the night with you and doesn’t go home to another woman. Notice he does not cheat on his new woman like he cheated on you the entire time you were dating and living with him. Notice she can disrespect you and dismiss you in front of him and he allows her do it. He has clearly picked her over you which was obvious when he asked you to move out in May 2015. You should have taken the hint then. Stop being a pathetic doormat because people you work with see you as weak and incapable of running your own life so your career, if you can call it that, is at a dead end. No one has respect for a woman who has no self respect for herself. After him kicking you out of his house, you knowing he is now living with another woman and sleeping with her makes YOU the cheating homewrecker in this scenario every manipulating attempt you make to maintain contact and the facade that you are still his girlfriend makes you the attempting home wrecking whore.

Although we all know he no longer sleeps with you because he won’t cheat on this new woman, no way, he values her too much to do that. And don’t think she is jealous of you because she isn’t. She knows that he would never have kicked you out of his house in May of 2015 if he had any real love left for you. The romance is gone and will never come back. Unlike the rest of the women he was cheating on you with, she wouldn’t have anything to do with him until you were out of his house. When he kicked you out in May 2015 it was perfectly clear to anyone with a brain that your love relationship was over. Let it go and stop pretending there is a relationship with him other than just friends. Let it go. Move on. Get a life. Stop being like the women who ruined your chance at happiness with him, his chance at happiness and most importantly YOUR happiness.

Hackalicious Amamda Marie Johnson of Michigan – Michigan Homewreckers


Not gossip she preys on couples to play her games. she slowly gains trust with the wife.who now at this point. Will do what shes asked or told to do.she will soon use bathroom for showers and other businesses without using door for privasy sometimes she will call husband to the door with little more on than her smile. her goal is to alway a be center of attention. she will do anything to split couples up Shes a tech media junky she will fill phones and thumb drives full of blackhatter hacking crap.all self executing files even for apple and android.we lost 6 brandnew laptops/samsung tab4 10.1 A samsung Mega 6.3 and countless other phones. All with a gif and a smile. not to worry she will blame the husband so milfy wife is available.but shes a swinger same game different spouse. she will steal ALL YOUR facebook pgs clone them.she runs penetrating software so she can …and yes it is completely. Possible to turn on mic camera record without your knowledge. even if you manually shut down remember home screens desktops etc all CLONED owned by her. to you seems sort of normal.well to end this she will ruin you and your spouse all associated friends any and all digital info.crash and blue screen all your shit when she has no more use for you.shes 5ft1in dark hair usually shaved on one side tattooed all over.

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