Volkswagen – Car warranty and air conditioning Filters, Review 1090801


Volkswagen – Car warranty and air conditioning Filters, Review 1090801 | Complaints Board

On Dec. 17/2018 I took my car Golf 2189JZS to VW SAFAMOTOR in San Pedro de Alcantara (Malaga/Spain) to have the 30.000 Km check up. I told the person from customer service that the car was find but there was a problem with the air conditioning; every time I turn it on it smells badly. I was surprised when I was told that VW warranty does not cover that problem. I was shocked the car is only 18 months old, has been well kept and never before with other cars that I had (Ford, Hyunday, MINI) encounter this air conditioning problem. What is the car warranty worth for? Why if there is a problem with the air conditioning filter they do not even bother to check it unless you pay for the cost. What kind of service do you give to your customers? I was more surprised when I was charge for the wiper washer that I just filled in 2 days before I went to the shop. I felt they were stealing from me. Also I think that just for changing the oil and one filter charging 217€ (it only took them 20 min. to do my car) is outrageous. There should be a price list with the different revision you do the cars for the 30.000, 60.000, 90.000 and so on… that way clients will be able to decide whether they want to be robbed or go elsewhere. It is a shame that with such a good car you had such a lame customer service and outrageous prices.

I hope you can give me a reasonable answer with the air-conditioning problem. Otherwise this will be the first and the last time me or my family purchase a VW.

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Samantha Markle’s Christmas Tweet to Meghan Markle

Remember the other day when Samantha Markle published a Christmas letter to Meghan Markle in the tabloids? It was weird/iffy, but the overall message of her note wasn’t terrible. Basically, she asked Meghan to get in touch with their dad and issued some happily holiday vibes:

Dear Meg,
This is not meant to be formal. The holidays are a time for family and are sentimental. As you know, dad has been trying to contact you and is very hurt because you are avoiding him. Life is short and you know dad is wonderful. Please give him joy in his last years by showing that you love him. The time is NOW. Please think about this.
Your sister,

Buuuut flash-forward to Christmas Day and Samantha’s changed her tune, tweeting a message to Meghan that’s best described as…mean with a side of Grinch-y. “I’ve never seen anyone so rude and hurtful and heartless and absent a soul in my life,” Samantha tweeted on December 25. “Shame on you for what you have done to our father. No PR machine can fix this. I retract the merry Christmas, you don’t deserve it. How dare you walk into a church.”



She also added “Forgiven,reunite ,and have the #Christmas spirit #Markle #KensingtonPalace and a peaceful heart? Apparently you’re not capable and I don’t know enough profane words to articulate how I feel. Wow.”



Welp. To quote Samantha herself: wow.

Why I Like to Skip Christmas with My Family

It was sometime after midnight on New Year’s Day, somewhere outside of Marrakesh, and I was having a very long, wine-soaked dinner with a fifty-something couple I had known for approximately four hours. They were lavishing me with hugs and cheek-kisses. All I could think was, Are they going to ask me to have a threesome?

It had all started with an impulse plane ticket (on airline miles) to Morocco, a place my friend had recommended after visiting on a work trip. I stashed away money for six full months to afford an Airbnb. Then I flew there—alone—shortly before Christmas, and proceeded to spend December 25 taking blissful solitary baths in a giant, old-fashioned copper tub in my bedroom, no presents (or people I’m related to) in sight.

When you leave your comfort zone, you might just meet people you’ll want to know forever, in addition to getting a hangover you’ll remember forever.

After a couple of days, I left the city for a cheap little cottage I’d rented in the countryside. That’s where I met the older Egyptian-Italian couple, who lived next door to my rental. When they invited me over for New Year’s, saying no one should be alone for the holiday, I wanted to decline—I’d actually been looking forward to watching Little Women, my fave holiday movie, on my iPad—but I didn’t want to seem rude.

So I ended up eating a nine-course dinner of salt-baked fish, homemade tagliatelle, and panettone with effusive strangers who treated me like their long-lost best friend. For the record: No threesome was ever mentioned. But I did learn a lesson: That when you leave your comfort zone, you might just meet people you’ll want to know forever, in addition to getting a hangover you’ll remember forever.

Growing up, I never looked forward to the holidays. As the only child of divorced parents, I was shuttled between their houses and forced to spend time with step-relatives I barely knew, including the step-grandfather who still couldn’t remember my name ten years after I joined the family. We weren’t religious, so there were no homey traditions like midnight mass or family Christmas caroling. Also my mother is kind of a hilariously bad cook who doesn’t believe in salt and sometimes gives me food poisoning. As soon as I left for college, I considered coming home for the holidays to be optional.

When I was a junior in college studying abroad in Paris, I ate Thanksgiving dinner at the apartment of the French woman who was the local contact for my program. She served an otherworldly turkey stuffed with paté that was better than any bird I’d ever eaten in America.

For most people, the holidays are all about obligation—to see people, to buy stuff. But for me, they’ve become the least-obligated part of the year.

For Christmas that year, I went to the UK with my then-boyfriend and ended up at a dark and cramped hostel in Inverness, Scotland, where the restaurants were all closed. We eventually found a Chinese place called Charlie Chan’s serving mediocre food that tasted, in our homesickness and hunger, like the best meal we’d ever had.

Once I had a job and my own money, I saved it to afford my solo adventures. It’s actually a great time to travel, because no one from work is emailing you and the airports are empty on Christmas. One year I celebrated with a group of Spanish friends in Barcelona; another I went to Paris alone and decided I wanted to take myself out for steak frites and then binge-watch the first season of Lost. I spent a New Year’s Eve in Tulum with an American pal I’d met doing yoga four days earlier, who lit a paper wish lantern over the sea at midnight. That was five years ago; we’re still friends.

For most people, the holidays are all about obligation—to see people, to buy stuff. But for me, they’ve become the least-obligated part of the year. Instead of stressing about presents for my younger cousins or dinners where I’ll be forced to defend my politics or life choices, I spend time doing exactly what I want to do. I’m single, which is something I’m either fine with or depressed about, depending on the day. But traveling for the holidays lets me celebrate the best part of being unattached, which is the freedom to be intentional with my time. If I can cultivate the perfect holiday on my own terms, I can blaze my own trail in life, right?

If I can cultivate the perfect holiday on my own terms, I can blaze my own trail in life, right?

It’s not that I don’t have moments of longing—I do. For the perfect family I’ll never have, for the multigenerational snowball fights and Instas of siblings wearing matching pajamas on Christmas Eve. I’m not immune to the movies and marketing that tell us we’re supposed to be joyfully partaking in traditions or making a big show of giving back. (Even Little Women opens with the March family learning to value each other over material things—my holidays will never measure up to that.) I’ve learned to accept that these moments will come, just like I accept that I’ll probably eat too much sugar. And sometimes I do go home to see my parents. After one fight about whose house I’m staying at, I usually remind myself to travel again the next year.

This year I didn’t feel like being alone. So I found a cheap ticket to visit one of my best friends in New Orleans. Later this week we’re going to Mexico together for New Year’s, to sit on the beach and eat guacamole. I’m going to force her to watch Little Women with me.

Khloe Kardashian’s Thigh-High Plaid Christmas Boots

Khloé Kardashian rang in Christmas Eve with her friends and family at Kim Kardashian’s mansion this year, which—by the way—Kim turned into a legitimately magical winter wonderland complete with IRL snow and a John Legend performance:

But honestly Kim’s entire home can step to the left because all that currently matters are Khloé’s Christmas boots. They’re thigh-high, they’re ruched, they’re inexplicably massive, and most-importantly, they’re plaid:

Basically her legs look like giant wrapped Christmas presents. And in case you, too, need these boots immediately, they’re made by Y/Project and retail for $1.5k. Sold! (Jk, bank account, don’t panic.)

Check 110 thigh-high wool boots

Y / Project


Also, for what it’s worth Khloé spent the rest of Christmas looking like a literal angel, so she can wear whatever insanely expensive boots she wants as far as I’m concerned:

Celebrities Christmas 2018 – How Celebrities Spent Christmas Pictures

'Being Serena' New York Premiere

Getty ImagesMike Pont

So how was your Christmas? Get some presents? Listened to Mariah’s classic holiday album and privately grieved her 1994 voice? Cool, cool, cool. But what happens when you’re a celebrity on Christmas? No sad tears for you—just perfect lighting, glam, international travel, and impossibly sexy bed selfies. Take a look through these pics to see how the stars spent Christmas, and try not to get jelly.

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1 Kendall Jenner

Away from her gigantic fam (and all their bbs), Kendall went super glam solo.

2 The rest of the Kardashian-Jenners

The Kardashians skipped the month-long extravaganza that was their 2017 Christmas card, in favor of a very Kanye-like minimalist, white-on-white lewk. But where art thou, Kris?!

3 Drake

Champagne Papi gifted us all with his face and voice in front of a professionally decorated Xmas tree. Thank you, Aubrey.

4 Lady Gaga

Gaga is BUSY, okay?? She has a big award to win in February but she’s not just sitting around drinking eggnog until then. Girl has a huge Vegas show called Enigma, and she is bringing! Her! Puppy!

5 Scott Disick

Oh whoops, did you think we were done talking about the Kardashians’ Khristmas? Not even. Scott Disick spent the holiday in Cabo, awkwardly getting out of a chair between Kourtney, his ex (and soulmate, don’t @ us), and Sofia Richie, his current girlfriend. Honestly wouldn’t want to be any of these people rn.

6 Chrissy Teigen

But we WOULD like to be Luna Legend, who decided her very favorite new toy is…the box her diapers came in.

7 Justin Bieber

Two thoughts on this pic. One: Cute doggie omg, who’s a very good boy?! Two: Would it be wrong to spend the day after Christmas zooming in on this photo and slowly counting Biebs’ tats? (Answer: NOPE)

8 Cole Sprouse

All Cole really wants to do is make art, you guy. LET HIM!

9 Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas, Sophie Turner, and Joe Jonas

If there wasn’t a Stark, ’00s boy band, and celestial goddess in this photo, it would pretty much look like any fam in the country. Which is sweet.

10 Halsey

At first it’s like, aww, Halsey looks so normal on Christmas, with her Lakers jersey and her stockings. But then you take stock of that perfectly mounted, slanted TV, and the most perfect fireplace you’ve ever seen, and you realize…ah, Halsey. Not just like us.

11 Taylor Swift

Speaking of normalcy, just a gal and her cat.

12 Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Hugh Jackman

Nothin’ to see here, folks. Just three of the best-looking men on the planet havin’ a laugh at a fancy condo. Move along.

13 Reese Witherspoon

Pepper Witherspoon definitely had a better Christmas than us, but TBH she deserves it.

14 Mindy Kaling

Not only is her mother-daughter pajama game on point, but where TF did she get those couch pillows and how fast can we order them?

15 Emily Ratajkowski

FINE, emrata, have a perfect body and life and vacation and just do you.

16 The Smiths

The Smiths are downright bursting with holiday cheer. Jada’s crown, tho… We all know who’s queen.

17 Gigi and Bella Hadid

Okay, love the Hadids, love the TBT, love the candy canes, but WHERE IS ANWAR?!

18 Anwar Hadid

Oh, Anwar is just staging Barbie stripper poles fantasies for Santa. NBD.

19 Cardi B

Um, Offset gifted Cardi with allll the Louboutins, Chanel bags, and diamond jewelry. Queen Cardi, please remember: money can’t buy you love.

20 Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj spent her Christmas on a beach receiving sand messages from her boyf, Kenneth Petty. Okay fine, we’re a teensy bit jealous of this one.

21 Rihanna

And finally, the only celebrity Christmas we truly wished we were invited to? Rihanna’s, who ran around a house with her bestie in matching robes, drinking wine. Flawless.

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Yves Rocher – Complaint on customer service, Review 1090805


Yves Rocher – Complaint on customer service, Review 1090805 | Complaints Board

Dear Sir. madame, I’m complaining about a very bad customer experience in super u of flacq Mauritius., one of yr staff refused to sell yr products because my wife did not had her privilege card .I dnt understand if you want to pay cash why u need the card ..she needed that cream because she had a browse arm and she came bk home crying of the misbehavior of yr staff.She users only yr product .now..we feel ashamed n disgraced.

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New Little Women Movie Cast, 2019 Release Date, and Spoilers

little women remake 2019

Columbia Pictures | Sony Pictures | Emma Watson Instagram

In the murky sea of Hollywood remakes, there are a few that actually deserve our attention. One of them is Little Women, based on Louisa May Alcott’s beloved 1868 novel of the same name about an aspiring writer and her three sisters in Massachusetts during the Civil War. The 2019 movie, directed by Greta Gerwig, will be the eighth film adaptation of the novel. Here’s what we know about the remake so far:

1. Greta Gerwig wasn’t always attached to the project. Writer, actress, and director Sarah Polley (Away from Her, Stories We Tell, Alias Grace) originally wrote the screenplay for the Little Women remake under Amy Pascal at Sony in 2015. In 2016, Gerwig took over screenwriting duties and officially signed on as director two years later.

2. A different “Emma” was also involved. Along with Gerwig, Sony originally announced that Emma Stone would be part of the remake’s main cast. In August 2018, she was replaced by Emma Watson. According to Variety sources, Stone left the project due to promotional obligations for her period film The Favourite, an award season contender.

3. The complete cast is a dream come true. It’s since been confirmed that Emma Watson is Meg (the oldest sister), with Eliza Scanlen (Sharp Objects) as Beth (the pianist who gets sick), Florence Pugh as Amy (the youngest), and Saoirse Ronan as Jo (the writer, who was played by Winona Ryder in the 1994 film). Timothée Chalamet will be Laurie (who was played by Christian Bale in 1994), which means, yes, this is a wonderful Ladybird reunion. Meryl Streep will play Aunt March while Laura Dern is the March girls’ mother Marmee. Bob Odenkirk and Chris Cooper also have roles.

4. Timothée Chalamet only recently read Little Women for the first time. In an interview with Variety in October 2018, Chalamet admitted, “I knew Little Women; I hadn’t read it. But I’ve read it since. I understood it to be a literary classic, but it’s crazy, day by day in the rehearsals, I get more imbued in the legend of it all.”

5. Filming commenced in October 2018 in Massachusetts and lasted for just over two months. The wrap date is according to Laura Dern, who wrote on Instagram, “What an incredible family. What an amazing time! Thank you Louisa. And thank you Massachusetts.”

6. The film will open on Christmas Day 2019. Thank you, Greta Gerwig and company, for already giving the world the best gift of all.

Prince Harry and Prince William’s Tense Body Language on Christmas Day

The Fab Four put on a display of unity amid rumors of tension on Christmas Day, when they showed up to church looking like some sort of fancy/posh superhero squad with a fetish for hats:


Getty Images

And while Kate and Meghan were seen laughing and smiling together (more on that here), Body Language Expert Judi James notes that Prince William and Prince Harry barely interacted.

“We’ve been so entranced by the two women that we’ve forgotten about Prince William and Prince Harry,” she told The Daily Mail. “Apart from having very rigid, fixed smiles on their faces, I didn’t see anything in the way of glances or exchanges between them.”


Getty Images

“They’ve always been seen laughing and sharing jokes, they usually have lots of ‘tie-signs’ (gestures that signal closeness) between them,” James continued. “They’ve both got their hands stuck in their pockets and I didn’t see any connection signals between them at all.”

This body language reading comes after reports that Prince Harry called out Prince William for not “rolling out the red carpet for Meghan,” and after weeks of rumors that the Fab Four aren’t exactly getting along. But friendly reminder that rumors are just rumors, and chances are everyone had a great time spending Christmas with The Queen and her corgis, mmmkay?

Best Facial Sunscreen – SPF 50 For Face


Courtesy Image

Hands down the most important product in your skincare routine? Sunscreen! Apply and reapply it every single day (yes, even when it’s cloudy/cold/winter) to help protect your skin from cancer and prevent signs of aging, like wrinkles, rough texture, and dark spots.

When it comes it face sunscreens, though, make sure the one you choose has at least SPF 45 (because most people don’t apply enough—a lower number won’t cut it) and offers broad-spectrum protection, meaning it protects from both UVA and UVB rays, says dermatologist Shereene Idriss, MD. These 7 options check both boxes AND feel amazing on skin.

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1 UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46



Got acne? Listen up! EltaMD’s UV Clear SPF 46 will zero percent make you breakout….but it will def make your skin look more clear, as the name suggests. It’s ultra lightweight, non-comedogenic (aka non-pore clogging), and contains niacinamide—an ingredient known to calm inflammation, reduce breakouts, and help fade post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (the dark marks and scars that linger long after your pimple heals).

2 Max Mineral Naked Broad Spectrum SPF 45

Peter Thomas Roth


This all-mineral (meaning it contains physical blockers zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide) lotion not only prevents sun damage, but contains vitamins A, C and E to nourish skin too. Bonus: the sheer, universally-flattering tint helps blur out any imperfections too.

3 Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50



Not only does this zinc-based sunscreen protect your skin from UV damage, it uses iron oxides to provide a shield against sneaky skin ager HEV light (the blue light that’s emitted from most smart devices) too. It also has a sheer, peachy-y tint that helps brighten your complexion.

4 Glow Stick Sunscreen SPF 50



Certain sunscreens can leave a chalky or white residue on skin, but not this oil version. It goes on completely clear and leaves skin feeling super dewy and moisturized. Plus, the twist-up packaging makes it easy to apply on the go and ensures it’ll never spill or leak in your bag.

5 Positively Mineral Sensitive Skin Daily Sunscreen Lotion for Face

If words like acne, rosacea, or eczema hit close to home, this ultra gentle (it’s free-from parabens, dyes, and fragrance) sunscreen is for you. Its mild formula is infused with calming oats and zinc oxide to keep you protected without irritating any already-existing skin issues.

6 Total Defense + Repair SPF 50+



This water-resistant SPF from Skinmedica protects from UVA and UVB rays, as well as infrared rays (IR, which we feel as heat) as thanks to a blend of antioxidants. The problem with IR? It can create free radical damage and contribute to early signs of aging, like lines and dark spots. 

7 Hydro Boost Water Gel Lotion Sunscreen Broad-Spectrum SPF 50



If you gravitate toward water gel moisturizers, this is going to be your new favorite sunscreen. It has the same lightweight, refreshing feel but with the added bonus of broad spectrum SPF 50 protection. Warning: If you don’t love scented products for your face, you might not be into this one. That said, if you love clean, refreshing scents for your products, you’ll love it.

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Best Books Coming Out in 2019

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who are constantly posting Instagram stories about the amazing books they’re reading, and those who tap through and are like, “ugh, I should really read more.” Whether you’re a full-fledged bibliophile, or simply someone who is tired of feeling left out when your friends are crushing a perfectly-arranged charcuterie at book club, you should probably be somewhat aware of all of the amazing books coming out in 2019. Here are 15 books you have to read in the New Year.

PS, if you’ve never pre-ordered a book and experienced the sheer joy of coming home to an unexpected package months later, you need to do yourself a favor and try it at least once.

1 ‘Two Can Keep a Secret’ by Karen M. McManus

Do you have the Pretty Little Liars theme song stuck in your head, yet? If so, you’re right on track. From the author of One of Us is LyingTwo Can Keep a Secret is a YA thriller about a teen forced to move to a super small (read: creepy as hell) town to live with her grandmother that she barely knows. 

Release date: January 8

2 ‘A Serial Killer’s Daughter: My Story of Faith, Love, and Overcoming’ by Kerri Rawson

You probably haven’t heard of Kerri Rawson, but if you’re into true crime, you absolutely know about her father, the BTK Killer. (You know, the serial murderer named for his habit of blinding, torturing, and killing victims.) After all of the horrific headlines about her church president, Boy Scout troop leader dad, it’s Kerri’s turn to tell her story. 

Release date: January 29

3 ‘On The Come Up’ by Angie Thomas

If you’re already obsessed with The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas, you’re probably already counting down the seconds until you can get your hands on her second novel, On the Come Up(And if you’re not obsessed with it, you better get reading.) The daughter of an underground hip hop legend who passed away before his big break, Bri is determined to make it as a rapper. But of course, nothing goes as planned. 

Release date: February 5

4 ‘Era of Ignition: Coming of Age in a Time of Rage and Revolution’ by Amber Tamblyn

Child actress turned filmmaker, activist and a founder of the Time’s Up organization, Amber Tamblyn blew us away with her first novel, Any Man. Now, she’s getting extremely personal in Era of Ignition, where she explores feminism, activism and the positive effects of hitting your lowest point.   

Release date: March 5 

5 ‘Daisy Jones & The Six: A Novel’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Remember how panicked you felt when everyone was watching Sharp Objects and you hadn’t even started the book yet? Well, don’t let that happen again. Daisy Jones & The Six is a novel about the mysterious breakup of a 1970s rock group. It’s also a soon-to-be Amazon limited series produced by Reese Witherspoon. READ IT!

Release date: March 5

6 ‘Girls with Sharp Sticks’ by Suzanne Young

At the risk of sounding dramatic, this book has enough plot twists to give a reader whiplash. Girls with Sharp Sticks is described as Westworld meets The Handmaid’s Tale, and gives us a look into a very freaky not-so-far in the future school for girls. 

7 ‘Fake Plastic Girl’ by Zara Lisbon

Uh… this book has everything. Star-studded parties, ex-child-stars, and a murder mystery? Add it to your TBR list immediately

Release date: March 26

8 ‘The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose’ by Oprah Winfrey

If anyone is going to inspire you to get your shit together in 2019, it’s Oprah. The Path Made Clear is a guide to making your life successful and significant. There are even a few pointers from Jay-Z, Ellen DeGeneres, and Lin-Manuel MirandaReading this might be the closest you’ll ever get to the Illuminati. 

Release date: March 26

9 ‘Girls on the Verge’ by Sharon Biggs Waller

10 ‘With the Fire on High’ by Elizabeth Acevedo

With the Fire on High is your IDEAL vacation book. Besides its stunning cover that is practically begging to be Instagrammed somewhere sunny, it’s an easy, heartwarming read about a teen mom who dreams of working as a chef. Added bonus: you might even pick up a delicious recipe. 

Release date: May 7

11 Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered: The Definitive How-To Guide

Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, the women behind the ridiculously popular true crime podcast My Favorite Murder have teamed up for a dual memoir! TBH, that sounds a bit confusing, but if you’re a Murderino, you probably already love their charming habit of talking over one another. Obvi, they’re going to interrupt each other’s memoirs while they try to save you from getting murdered. 

Release date: May 28

12 ‘So Close to Being the Sh*t, Y’all Don’t Even Know’ by Retta

St. Martin’s Press

Retta, AKA the actress who brought TREAT YO’ SELF DAY to life on Parks and Recreation, is blessing us with a book of hysterical essays about her rise to almost-super stardom. Amy Poehler says it’s hilarious. What more do you need to know?

Release date: May 29

13 ‘City of Girls: A Novel’ by Elizabeth Gilbert

Oh, a novel exploring themes of female sexuality and promiscuity in the 1940s, written by the author of Eat, Pray, Love? Sign me TF up. City of Girls is a story told by a 95-year-old women, as she revisits the glamorous, badass adventures of her (much) younger years. 

 Release date: June 4 

14 ‘Wilder Girls’ by Rory Power

Wilder Girls is pretty much your worst nightmare. But, it’s also about to be your new favorite book. A girls’ boarding school (located on a now-deserted island) becomes quarantined, and three BFFs have to figure out how to survive when basically everyone around them dies off. It’s such a mindfuck. 

Release date: July 9 

15 ‘The Testaments: A Novel’ by Margaret Atwood

YOU GUYS! We are so close to getting our hands on the sequel of The Handmaid’s Tale. Margaret Atwood gives us the scoop on what actually happened to Offred, and has even mentioned that everything readers have asked her about Gilead helped inspire The Testaments