1-Year Anniversary Date Ideas to Make It Special

The one year mark is a big deal. By this point, you’ve met each other’s families and may already be thinking about moving in together. For married couples, it means the two of you have overcome one of the hardest years of a relationship and all its obstacles. (Joint bank accounts, I’m looking at you). […]

24 Anniversary Date Ideas to Knock It Out of the Park

So it’s getting close to that time when you need to come up with the perfect way to celebrate another year of being with the love of your life. You remembered the anniversary, purchased the gift, and now all there’s left to do is create a fun date the two of you can enjoy. Whether […]

74 Happy Anniversary Quotes to Help You Celebrate

An anniversary is more than just another trip around the sun with your partner in tow. It’s a reaffirmation of your bond. It’s a special moment. It means you made it through hiccups and joys of another year and you’re still together. That’s worth celebrating. Anniversaries are a time to express gratitude for your relationship, […]

9 Best Anniversary Date Ideas — Romantic Things to Do For Anniversary

So you and bae have been together for a while now, and this year you really want to make it special… but how? Truth is, you’re really just an ordinary couple who boo’d up after finding a rom-com-worthy love. But maybe you’re ready to up your game and take your anniversary to Nicholas-Sparks-worthy levels. Here, […]