Justin Bieber Is Being Vague About Mental Health Issues Because of Past Backlash

Alessio BotticelliGetty Images Justin Bieber is reportedly keeping his mental health struggles more to himself because of backlash he faced in the past. In February, news broke that he was being treated for depression. Even though it’s become public knowledge that Justin Bieber is currently going through some mental health issues, the actual specifics have […]

How “Issues” Singer Julia Michaels Overcame Her Anxiety

If you aren’t already familiar with Julia Michaels, let me give you a quick introduction. She’s written most, if not all, of your favorite pop songs, from Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” to Selena Gomez’s “Hands to Myself.” Oh, and you ever heard of “Issues?” You definitely know it. That earworm was Julia’s debut single. She’s obviously […]

6 Techniques to Help Cope with Relationship Anxiety

Pistanthrophobia is the fancy name for relationship anxiety, and nearly 20 percent of people suffer from it. Pistanthrophobia is fear of trusting new people who come into your life due to past failed experiences, and it can seriously affect your relationships with others. Relationship anxiety is having continuous anxious thoughts about the relationship. These thoughts […]