Chrissy Teigen Tweets About Stomach Virus, Refusing to Poop in Cup

Chrissy Teigen revealed on Twitter that she’s been suffering from a stomach virus for six weeks. She revealed she stopped her antibiotics early because she started to feel better. She also said her doctor wanted her to poop in a cup, but she refused, and now regrets it. The queen of Twitter is back at […]

Chrissy Teigen Shuts Down Instagram Follower

Daniele VenturelliGetty Images Chrissy Teigen flexed her clap-back skills on Insta after someone left a rude comment on a video of Luna. Chrissy is no stranger to shutting down commenters on the internet. You would think that people would know by now that Chrissy Teigen is queen of all social media, and if you say […]

Chrissy Teigen Princess Beatrice Twitter Exchange

Chrissy Teigen recently made friends with Princess Beatrice on Twitter Beatrice joked that she would “adore” to be Chrissy’s god daughter. Chrissy Teigen is known for many things, among them being devastatingly funny/charming, as well as being better than everybody else at Twitter. And earlier this week Chrissy was able to parlay her status as […]

Kim Kardashian Posts Photos From Chicago West’s First Birthday

Instagram: Kim Kardashian Chicago West, one of the most important babies in the world, turned one last week, and her parents threw her an epic birthday party to celebrate that impressive milestone. Kim just posted more photos and it looks like it was lit. It was “Alice in (One)derland” themed, which is maybe the best […]

Celebrities Christmas 2018 – How Celebrities Spent Christmas Pictures

Dec 26, 2018 Getty ImagesMike Pont So how was your Christmas? Get some presents? Listened to Mariah’s classic holiday album and privately grieved her 1994 voice? Cool, cool, cool. But what happens when you’re a celebrity on Christmas? No sad tears for you—just perfect lighting, glam, international travel, and impossibly sexy bed selfies. Take a […]

How Much Money Does Chrissy Teigen Make?

The Queen of the Clapback Chrissy Teigen is a precious and priceless gift to this world, but she’s also worth a whole lotta actual money. From her Lip Sync Battle hosting gig to her prestige modeling clips—oh, and don’t forget about her bestselling cookbooks and genius makeup collabs—she’s the very definition of boss. Also, I […]