Bear Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2019

Listen, I’m obsessed with everything Halloween, but when it comes to dressing up, I absolutely do not want to be scary. Blood? Nope. Gore? Hard pass. Sorry, I don’t want to look like a character from The Walking Dead! And I know I’m not alone. So, if you’d rather go the cute and cuddly route […]

Halloween Leopard Makeup Tutorial for 2019

Even though you’re reading this months in advance, chances are, you’re still going to procrastinate on your Halloween costume (which, like, same). But instead of leaning into the basic with a pair of cat ears and a cute black dress, why not level up your look with this super-easy (and pretty!) leopard Halloween makeup tutorial? […]

Vampire Makeup Tutorial for Halloween 2019

Fact: I’ve been counting down the days to Halloween since November 1st of last damn year. I’m obsessed with planning my costumes months (like, many months) in advance and coming up with cool makeup looks to match. But I realize not everyone wants to be as extra as I am for the holiday…and that’s where […]

Best Pop Art Halloween Makeup Tutorial for 2019

Halloween can be stressful—I get it. Between figuring out which party to go to and what costume to wear, you’ll probably have a million and one questions swirling around your head come October 31. And while I can’t help you with your social engagements (sorry), I can help you with your costume way ahead of […]

Best Witch Halloween Makeup Tutorial and Costume for 2019

Sure, anyone can throw on a witch hat and call it a costume, but how many of your friends will show up to the Halloween party in a green, Wizard of Oz-inspired look? It might feel like a lot, but this witch Halloween makeup tutorial is extra in the best way possible, thanks to super-pretty […]

Hippie Halloween Makeup Tutorial of 2019

Sometimes, putting together an intricate Halloween costume feels like way too big of an effort. Like, I just want a costume that looks like I put a ton of thought and care into it, but actually doesn’t require spending my paycheck on new clothes and makeup. That’s why I’m especially fond of this hippie Halloween […]

Lion Halloween Makeup Tutorial – Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas for 2019

Even though Halloween is, like, eight billion years away, I already know what you (and 90 percent of your friends) will be wearing: some variation of a cat, a cheetah, or something vaguely feline. Yup, the cop-out costume is alive and well, but that doesn’t mean you can’t up the ante when you inevitably opt […]

This Skeleton Skull Makeup Tutorial Is Perfect For Halloween 2019

It’s the night before the Halloween party your friend invited you to weeks ago, but you still don’t have a costume. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Instead of falling down a rabbit hole of YouTube tutorials only to paint on a couple cat whiskers and call it a day, check out this […]