20 Sexy and Scary Halloween Makeup Looks for 2019

Full disclosure: I’m obsessed with Halloween and wearing the coolest costume and most epic makeup to match. And because I’m type A and obviously don’t want my costume to suck, I like to plan my Halloween ~lewk~ waaaaay in advance (I’ll never be that person who throws on cat ears and calls it a day, […]

10 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas and Costume Tutorials for 2019

If you’re, IDK, out there enjoying your summer and not worrying about your Halloween costume like the totally sane person you are, lemme offer just a bit of advice: October 31 is going to roll around muuuuuch faster than you think, and unless you want to show up to your friend’s Halloween party wearing the […]

Tiger Makeup Halloween Tutorial 2019

First thing’s first—this tiger makeup halloween tutorial isn’t for the faint of heart. It involves glue, press-on jewels, contour, and lots of face paint. But what better time to go all out with a makeup look than Halloween amirite? If you’re up for the challenge, keep reading for all the tips, tricks, and products you’ll […]

Best Cat Makeup Halloween Tutorial for 2019

A cat costume is always a classic choice for Halloween, but this year it even doubles as a pop culture reference. If you’re still not over the trailer for the upcoming Cats movie (I, personally, will never be) and you want to dress up as a feline creature that also kinda looks like a human […]

Best Giraffe Costume Makeup Tutorial for 2019

Soooooo, you’ve shown up to your annual Halloween party in basically every animal costume you could think of (and, yes, that includes the three years you went as a cat). If you’re looking to mix things up this year—and, like, why wouldn’t you?—it’s time to meet your new go-to: this giraffe Halloween makeup tutorial. It’s […]

Best Mermaid Makeup Halloween Tutorial 2019

If you don’t live under a rock, you know that Disney’s coming out with a live-action feature of everyone’s favorite film: The Little Mermaid. Yes, the movie doesn’t even go into production until 2020, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it as inspo for this year’s Halloween costume. Need help getting started? This mermaid […]

20 Best Unicorn Makeup Looks and Tutorials for 2019 Halloween

If you’re the over-the-top one in your friend group, I can think of no better option for a Halloween costume this year (or any year, really) than a unicorn. Although it’s absolutely acceptable to walk around covered in rhinestones and leaving a trail of glitter dust in your path any time of the year (you […]

Bear Halloween Makeup Tutorial 2019

Listen, I’m obsessed with everything Halloween, but when it comes to dressing up, I absolutely do not want to be scary. Blood? Nope. Gore? Hard pass. Sorry, I don’t want to look like a character from The Walking Dead! And I know I’m not alone. So, if you’d rather go the cute and cuddly route […]

Scarecrow Halloween Makeup Tutorial for 2019

My singular goal this Halloween is to force myself to try out a new costume. Like, yes, fairy and leopard costumes are cute, but I want to show up to my friend’s Halloween party wearing something no one thought of. Enter, this scarecrow Halloween makeup tutorial: a super-unique—and ridiculously easy!—costume I legit can’t wait to […]

Halloween Leopard Makeup Tutorial for 2019

Even though you’re reading this months in advance, chances are, you’re still going to procrastinate on your Halloween costume (which, like, same). But instead of leaning into the basic with a pair of cat ears and a cute black dress, why not level up your look with this super-easy (and pretty!) leopard Halloween makeup tutorial? […]