11 Makeup Brushes You Need and How to Use Them

Here’s a hot take: You don’t actually need a thousand makeup brushes at all. You don’t even need a handful. Seriously! Some of the most renowned makeup artists prefer to use the warmth of their hands and (clean) fingers to blend and melt most makeup into the skin. But if you are not a famous […]

Best Makeup Sponges — Blenders For Foundation And Concealer

Beautyblender Beauty.Blusher Cheeky sephora.com $16.00 Listen, if you’ve tried this iconic sponge and weren’t impressed, I’m almost positive you were using it wrong. Because it’s actually magical. Unlike dry makeup sponges, which soak up too much product and leave you with a really uneven application, the Beautyblender is designed to be used wet. Just saturate it under […]