Miley Cyrus Shared a NSFW Photo of What Her and Liam Hemsworth’s Honeymoon Phase Is Like

It’s the 13th anniversary of the Hannah Montana Disney Channel premiere, so Miley Cyrus is celebrating in the most Miley way possible. The “We Can’t Stop” singer shared a very NSFW glimpse into what her and Liam Hemsworth’s love life is like, and you won’t be able to unsee it. Miley Cyrus is celebrating the […]

Khloé Kardashian Is Talking About Tristan Thompson on ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’

Khloé Kardashian just spoke about the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. You could say she’s a little upset! Are you ready for the latest in Khloé Kardashian’s love life? Rhetorical question, my dear. You’re getting an update anyway! So, Khloé and Tristan Thompson are officially done because he hooked up with Jordyn Woods and because he’s […]

Watch Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s Cutest Moments

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel continue to set the standard for #CoupleGoals. Ever since they got married in 2012, they keep blessing us and our Instagram feeds with their love for each other. Not only do we sometimes catch a glimpse of their sweet and sensitive sides, but they also show off how they keep […]

How Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner Dealing with the Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods Drama

Khloé Kardashian is currently dealing with Tristan Thompson cheating on her with Kylie Jenner’s best friend, Jordyn Woods. Here’s exactly where Khloé and Kylie stand amid this hot mess. Welcome back to this krazy Kardashian news cycle that started a mere two days ago when it became apparent that Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloé Kardashian […]

How to Break Up With Someone

Want to know the most ironic thing about relationships? The way someone handles the end of one—no matter which side they’re on—tells you everything you need to know about them and whether they’re worth dating. Chronologically speaking, is this helpful? Oh no, not at all. Sorry! But in the grand scheme of your love life, […]

What Relationship Anarchy Means and What It Can Teach Us

There are many different types of relationships—monogamous, polyamorous, just friends, friends with benefits, traditional marriages, platonic friendships, and situationships, just to name a few. But have you ever stopped to wonder why we feel the need to have so many types of relationships? Or why we need to create names and labels for what we […]

How to Not Be Clingy In the Early Stages of a Relationship

Clinginess is a two-fold problem. You’re either around too much or you’re acting out your insecurities. It’s natural to want to be around someone you like, and everyone has insecurities, but in the early stages of a relationship you’ll want to tread a little more lightly. Think of the early stages as an extended first […]

Why a Healthy Relationship Doesn’t Mean Giving Up on Yourself

One of the realities of being codependent is the inability to see how codependency is impacting your own life. In my book, “The Marriage and Relationship Junkie,”I talk about my own issues with codependency and how my inability to see how events in my past, including my relationship with my mother, contributed to the challenges I experienced in […]

How Chronic Stonewalling Can Create a Relationship Prison

Stonewalling is not a term that’s used every day, and when it is used, it’s usually in the context of a business negotiation or maybe a political discussion. For those of you who have never heard of it, stonewalling refers to intentionally refusing to speak or answer specific questions, or to evading questions by speaking around the […]

6 Techniques to Help Cope with Relationship Anxiety

Pistanthrophobia is the fancy name for relationship anxiety, and nearly 20 percent of people suffer from it. Pistanthrophobia is fear of trusting new people who come into your life due to past failed experiences, and it can seriously affect your relationships with others. Relationship anxiety is having continuous anxious thoughts about the relationship. These thoughts […]