How to Break Up With Someone

Want to know the most ironic thing about relationships? The way someone handles the end of one—no matter which side they’re on—tells you everything you need to know about them and whether they’re worth dating. Chronologically speaking, is this helpful? Oh no, not at all. Sorry! But in the grand scheme of your love life, […]

5 Essential Truths About Being Single at 40

Here’s this thing—people in their 40s are still very young. It may be true that the majority of people in their 40s make more money, are most established in their careers, have experienced long-term relationships, and have learned a thing or two about life and love that allows them to approach their relationships with maturity […]

Why Being Single After 40 Can Be Pretty Damn Amazing

Being single after 40 is a time to cherish and celebrate. By our 40s, we’ve had plenty of time to figure out what we want in a partner. We have a better idea of what our negotiables and non-negotiables are. Hopefully, we’ve learned from out past mistakes and grown from our experiences. And we also […]

Tips for Single Parents Who Date Each Other

Single parents make up their own demographic in the dating world. They come to relationships with a different set of circumstances and expectations. They usually have less free time, varying levels of support, and an ongoing relationship with an ex-spouse / co-parent. But, when single parents come together they already understand the mechanics of custody […]

12 Tips for Dating a Single Dad

Dating a single dad isn’t like dating someone who’s never been married or had kids. Single dads are their own demographic. They’ve been there done that, but they’re also starting all over again. And like all singles (and couples for that matter) they’re still figuring it all out too. But there are a couple things […]

15 Tips for Dating a Single Mom

With the divorce rate at 40-50% these days, it’s more likely that you’ll find yourself dating, or opening yourself up to dating someone with children. But dating a single mom is not like dating a woman without children. Whether her kids are with her or at their dad’s, her children will always be the main […]