2018 Craziest Dating Stats

2018 was a mother effing rollercoaster ride in terms of relationships. SO. MUCH. HAPPENED. From new marriages (hello, Dutchess of Sussex) to surprise breakups (goodbye, Jenna and Channing) and strange dating phenomenons (like BDE and curving—aka when someone is indirectly not showing any interest in you), celebs and the average person alike had more than […]

Was Doria Ragland Invited to Spend Christmas with the Royals?- Weird Royal Family Christmas Traditions

Christmas is only 11 days away, and the royal family is gearing up to head north to the Sandringham house estate in the English countryside. As with many royal parties and events, the family really has to narrow down who they actually want to be there because they’d have a castle full of sort-of friends […]